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With Royton now on the brink, the St James bribe has an all too familiar stink

With Royton now on the brink, the St James bribe has an all too familiar stink

Still Screaming 'Racist'

At risk of an embarrassing defeat in their once Working Class Labour Party strongholds, the dirty tricks campaign is already well under way in both Royton wards and St James. In Royton, AROOJ SHAH has already brought in Labour Party reinforcements to help fight the White racists. If one was to judge the town off the town's Pakistani Muslim leader's Black Lives Matter social media endorsements and the repeated claims made by the Oldham Times or the Labour Party aligned Hope not Hate organisation, they would be mistaken for thinking that the town is infested by Far Right activists rather than paedophile enabling politicians and Pakistani mobsters. More so, if they believed the Council's suggestion that the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's unlocked car was a racist attack!

Personally, I doubt she or her Council care how much harm such an outrageous allegations does to our town. After all, this is an out of control Council leader who has already been exposed for abusing her position in a botched attempt to prosecute me. Having failed to silence a man that exposed her previously unknown criminal associations and dodgy declarations of an ice cream parlour, SHAH then refused to either condemn or distance herself from her convicted mobster 'childhood/family friend'. Though the mobster, IRISH IMY, was convicted for insinuating I was Gay and having his 'scouts' follow me home, the Council leader is on record openly defending her man. In a recent public meeting, flanked by her new back door Chief Executive HARRY CATHERALL, she even had the audacity to claim he had nothing to do with the murders of 2 police women.

For the avoidance of any doubt, it is a matter of public record that IRISH IMY was convicted as Dale Cregan's getaway driver and was in the dock alongside DALE CREGAN at the same time. Furthermore, an arsenal of Cregan's grenades was later recovered from a drainpipe in the Pakistani area of Glodwick.

Still Playing the Victim

Oldham Council in partnership with Greater Manchester Police spent 9 months attempting to prosecute me after AROOJ SHAH had gone running complaining at my article that, amongst other matters, disapproved of her standing on a table. Their last ditch attempts to silence my critique came only after Pakistani mobsters and malicious bloggers had tried and failed to shut me up. Police officers from the in accelerated Special Measures Greater Manchester Police, lead by the corrupt DS CHRISTOPHER DEAN and his team from the unlawful #OperationHexagon spent 9 months trying to prosecute me for being a racist.

In the eyes of Oldham Council and Greater Manchester Police, I was the racist for objecting to AROOJ SHAH headlining a gathering where antisemitic banners were waved by children. According to them, I was the criminal for speaking out against antisemitic attacks on the Jewish owned Elbit factory in the town.

Unfortunately for SHAH and her Labour Party colleagues, neither the threat of being labeled a racist or their association with Pakistani mobsters appear to have had the desired effect on either myself or the people of the town. As each day passes, more and more of the townsfolk are pledging to help vote Labour out of power. Particularly as, despite having multiple opportunities to distance themselves from SHAH and her entourage, not a single Labour Party politician has been willing to break rank from a politician with convicted mobster allegiances. One can only assume that the spectre of JIM McMAHON has as much to do with their reluctance as with any loyalty they have towards AROOJ SHAH.

The consequences of Labour Party politicians failure to condemn the criminality that has infiltrated the Civic Centre now risks fall out beyond Chadderton South where SHAH has McMAHON seemingly tied to her leash as she desperately attempts to cling on to power.

Separate to Chadderton South, in the Asian Cartel free wards of Royton North, Royton South and St James, once traditional White Working Class Labour Party strongholds, the Labour Party risks losing 3 more valuable seats.

Royton at Risk

In Royton North, the Delph resident HANNAH ROBERTS is at serious risk of being ousted by the Royton resident Conservative candidate LEWIS QUIGG. Should the Conservatives take Royton North, they will then control 2 of the 3 seats in the ward after last year's result where former soldier DAVE ARNOTT came out of nowhere to oust Labour's MICK HARWOOD.

In Royton South, the husband and wife BASHFORTH team are now also exposed. On hearing that another former decorated military man, GARY TARBUCK, (whose grandfather was the former Labour Party Mayor FRANK HEAP) had secured the Conservative nomination, BARRELGATE BASHFORTH took to social media to champion his wife's credentials. Why MARIE BASHFORTH could not speak for herself is not quite clear. But then, she also does very little talking in the Council Chamber. In another spectacular episode of stupidity, the man who admitted to the actions of a bootlegger decided he should talk about how his wife's military credentials included her role as the Secretary of the Royton branch of the Royal British Legion.

His desperation did not end there, STEVE BASHFORTH wanted to make a point of how he and his wife lived in the ward. Maybe he was ignorant to the fact that if this mattered, the same criticism is valid towards the Delph based HANNAH ROBERTS in Royton North. Maybe he just didn't care and with the Labour Party ship now sinking, its every rat for themselves.

To be fair to GARY TARBUCK, the Conservative candidate in Royton South was kind in his response. Whilst he pointed out that Royton South was his home until he went to serve in the army, he did not point out the absurdity of the comparison BARRELGATE BASHFORTH was attempting to make between fighting the Taliban and accepting barrels of beer on so called 'sale or return' as a Councillor.

To defeat Labour in Royton South, Gary only needs to turn around a Labour majority of 115 votes from last year's election where Labour heavyweight AMANDA CHADDERTON (whose own alleged Royton residential status is questionable) came very close to being ousted.

Scandal in St James

Meanwhile, in St James ward, where the existing Labour Party councillor GINNY ALEXANDRA has refused to stand again for reelection, her Saddleworth based replacement, LEANNE MUNROE, is also fighting for her as of yet started political career. Last year, the impressive BETH SHARP took this once guaranteed Labour Party seat as the Working Class voters of Derker and Sholver came out in record numbers to vote for a Conservative candidate. This year, the Conservative candidate for St James is the equally competent TOM LORD. A barrister, Tom was only narrowly defeated when he stood as the Conservative candidate for MP against DEBBIE ABRAHAMS. People will remember how ABRAHAMS, coined the MP for Oldham East & Kashmir, only managed to keep hold of her seat after being rescued by the block Muslim vote from Greater Glodwick.

Fast forward to 2022 in St James and the Labour Party controlled Oldham Council have been caught out again. With no swimming baths to sell in the area, and no Cartel through which they can galvanise support for a Labour Party candidate, the Council's Policy team resorted to using targeted communication publicising an event with a financial reward of £20. There is zero ambiguity within purdah pre election rules regarding the Council holding public events. It is not allowed. And this is before those who are selected to attend receive £20 for doing so.

Unfortunately, for HARRY CATHERALL's paedophile protecting and corrupt Oldham Council, the breaking of rules appear to be much worse than a badly timed attempt at consultation seeking to apparently inform policy decisions for 2030 - 8 years later!

For those unaware of what purdah is, it is not a difficult concept to understand. The pre-election period (purdah) is the term used to describe the period between the time an election is announced and the date the election is held. Purdah usually lasts about a month and the pre-election rules restrict the Council from using it's facilities and resources to advantage any candidates or parties in the forthcoming election. So, for instance, the Council selling Glodwick swimming baths days before an election was a breach of purdah.

The sale should have waited until after the election. More so because the organisation that purchased the swimming baths not only had declared links to the candidate AROOJ SHAH, the Council had also sold them the swimming pool at a discount price. How can anyone look at what took place and not be concerned that the Council's actions potentially advantaged AROOJ SHAH in the lead up to the election?

Responses from residents from within St James confirm that this publicity leaflet issued by HARRY CATHERALL and his Policy team at Oldham Council was targeted at specific households. This was not a leaflet posted through every door in St James. The suggestion is that the Council identified a combination of low income households that would be susceptible to voting Labour next month.

In its own way, as with the Council sale of Glodwick swimming baths, their now exposed secret funding of mosques and the well known carrot of the promise of a 5 bedroom house, this so called consultation event intended to inform policy for 8 years later is looking like a bribe.

From my observations, there is just one difference, are White people in St James that cheap! You can be bribed with just £2o. Really?

Instead of calling in the police to investigate, identify and arrest Council staff involved in this latest breach of purdah, caught out, the Council's claim appears to be that what happened was 'a mistake'.  The main opposition party leaders, already exposed as too cosy to SHAH's corrupt Council seem satisfied that an official Oldham Council event with £20 incentives, that went out at the same time as Labour Party literature, has just been cancelled.

Anyone believe the back door Chief Executive, HARRY CATHERALL, who owes his job to an equally dodgy recruitment process where he was appointed through a process seeking a temporary Chief Executive (thereby limiting the field of quality applications), did not know what his own team of policy officers were doing when offering £20 incentives days before an election? I'm sure his actions had nothing to do with how, once appointed, AROOJ SHAH quietly signed off a 3 year extension to his initially 'temporary' job. People are right to ask, just what has Oldham's new Dirty Harry promised SHAH in return?

Carnage in Chadderton South

If you were to read Oldham Council's paedophile protecting propaganda arm, the Oldham Times, then you would be led to believe that as well as being a victim of racism and misogyny, AROOJ SHAH has a healthy 300 vote majority and therefore has nothing to worry about. If you were to read the Oldham Times, and your sources for news was restricted to articles written by a bunch of fake liberals that spend less time in Oldham that the Chief Executive and his team of overpaid officers, you would also be completely in the dark to how AROOJ SHAH was forced to apologise for her Council's role in the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of Working Class White girls.

What the Oldham Times help hide is that in last year's 2021 election, ROBERT BARNES received more votes than AROOJ SHAH did when she won her seat in 2018. Claims of a 300 vote majority by the paedophile protecting publication is just another attempt at a cover up and bear no correlation to the actual facts on the ground.

Likewise, if you were to accept the world through the eyes of the equally proven paedophile protectors from the 'in accelerated Special Measures' Greater Manchester Police, you would be ignorant to how AROOJ SHAH's childhood friend, the convicted Pakistani heroin dealing getaway driver of the cop killer DALE CREGAN, is inciting the murder of the Conservative candidate in Chadderton South by posting photographs online of ROBERT BARNES, likening him to JIMMY SAVILLE, and making reference to Robert as a 'known nonce'.

Not surprisingly, neither Greater Manchester Police, AROOJ SHAH nor the Oldham Times will either distance themselves from IRISH IMMY or condemn his attempts to incite the murder of a man whose only crime is standing in opposition to AROOJ SHAH.

The next 10 days will define the future of our town. Knowing what they now know, will Oldhamers continue to back Labour Party leader AROOJ SHAH and her team of mobster and malicious blogger endorsed politicians? Or will Oldhamers finally put aside their historical allegiances to a now proven racist and paedophile protecting party and instead vote for brave Oldhamers who risk their lives by standing in opposition to AROOJ SHAH and her supporters.

In my opinion, irrespective of which Party colours they wear, LEWIS QUIGG, GARY TARBUCK and ROBERT BARNES should be applauded for their bravery. They have come forward to fight for the future of this town. They know what they risk making a stand. The least any of us could do come the 5th May is vote for them and anyone else that wants to help take back our town from the mobster endorsed Labour Party leader AROOJ SHAH and her team of paedophile protecting politicians.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.

For 3 years I have led te fight against JIM McMAHON MP and his Cartel endorsed brand of politics. During this time there have been multiple attempts to frame me for crimes I did not commit, constant smears of my good name including the mainstream media attempting to demonise me as a racist. The Oldham Times even resorted to maliciously protraying me as a child sex offender. The mobster affiliated leader of Oldham Council, AROOJ SHAH, even openly endorsed the offer to have me murdered.

Despite all of their combined efforts, I have continued to share my expertise to defend my town and educate my townsfolk so that they have the skills and expertise to fight the tyranny of the Labour Party controlled Oldham Council.

I need help if I am to continue to the 2023 all out elections. This is a link to the crowdfunder where I am attempting to raise £3,500 to help fund my overheads for another year. If I am unable to rais this amount, the Recusant Nine transmissions will end. Unfortunately, I do not have any more funds to sustain this work.

If you value my work, and are able to do so, please consider supporting my crowdfunder

Raja 🙏

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