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Madness in Medlock

Madness in Medlock

Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth (POAS) are on record supporting ROBERT BARNES in Chadderton South. They have openly backed a Conservative candidate because they acknowledge that in order to help fix this town, the first priority has to be to wrestle seats from Labour. The leader of POAS, the millionaire businessman PAUL ERROCK, has also written to the Prime Minister and every Oldham Conservative councillor promoting the Conservative KAISER REHMAN. In the letter, he raises the need to vote tactically and states the following;

I therefore ask of you to take very seriously the opportunity that the Conservatives have of actually winning the seat of Oldham West and Royton, by fielding a highly popular and proven Conservative campaigner, Mr Kaiser Rehman.
He would be hugely appealing to the Asian community, and together with the 13,000 “solid” Conservative Votes you have established in this constituency, would pose the most serious threat of actually removing Mr Mc Mahon from a position he has proved himself (in my opinion); to be a liability, to the overall improvement of our Borough.
Mr Rehman would be a very popular choice for The Conservatives in The Constituency of Oldham West and Royton, and I would be keen to engage with your selection panel in order to discuss tactics of how to remove Mr Mc Mahon and install Mr Rehman as a Member of Parliament for our town, as I know he would be a superb asset to both our town, your party, and the UK in general.

As can be seen, POAS are comfortable in supporting a Conservative candidate in both local and national elections and its leader, PAUL ERROCK, is happy to lobby for KAISER REHMAN.

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