About Me

With over 25 years of experience of working alongside marginalised communities written off as racists, Raja has used his expertise to provide a platform to articulate and raise the legitimate concerns of working class groups that mainstream politicians and policy makers have forsaken.

Internationally recognised as an expert in tackling extremism, safeguarding children and strengthening communities, Raja has worked directly with world leaders, including multiple UK Prime Ministers & Secretaries of State. By the age of 30, he was awarded an MBE for his services to the community.

Despite attempts at censorship and MSM blackout, through the exclusive use of social media, Raja’s explosive Welcome to Oldham series quickly reached an audience of over a million. Using skills honed whilst working in counter-extremism, through his Recusant Nine Transmissions, Raja has exposed the cover up of grooming gangs, local government corruption and how Labour Party politicians have encouraged division by courting the Cartel controlled block Asian vote at the expense of other communities.

Desperate attempts by multiple mainstream journalists, including the likes of former Labour Party Press Officer and now journalist Hannah Al-Otman from the Sunday Times and the pyjama wearing ponce Joshi Hermann, to discredit and silence him have all failed. In 2021 Raja led the campaign for ousting the at time Labour Party leader Sean Fielding from his Failsworth safe seat. The following year, facing the might of the national machinery of the Labour Party, Raja helped oust the next Labour Party leader Arooj Shah from the Labour Party stronghold of Chadderton South. He did the same the year after and helped remove Amanda Chadderton, the third Oldham Council leader in a row, from the Labour safe seat of Royton South.

Incredulously, despite the town's historical allegiances with the Labour Party, and bucking the national trend, in 2024's local elections, record numbers of people voted to take Oldham Council out of direct Labour Party control. In predictable fashion, instead of acknowledging their role in failing working class communities, these powerful figures continue attempting to portray Raja, a second generation Bangladeshi Muslim, as a Far Right activist.

Members of the Labour Party, including Jim McMahon MP and Angela Raynor MP are now campaigning for a change in the law through which they can silence Raja's work. These latest actions follow failures in attempted to have him blocked on social media, intimidated by criminals and arrested multiple times by the Police. Despite this sustained and vindictive campaign, Raja continues to share his analysis and expertise with a growing audience from across the country.

Entirely community funded, and with a bounty on his head from both gangsters and Islamists who he has exposed for their open links to Labour Party politicians, Raja broadcasts a free to air Recusant Nine Transmission via his YouTube channel. He also shares his insights and expertise nationally through 2470 Resistance, a new project for people concerned by the impact of the rise of sectarian politics and extremist splinter groups across the United Kingdom.

In his spare time, Raja supports a number of local charities & community organisations that are making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people. He can also be found avoiding geese in the local parks whilst puddle hunting with his daughter.

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Recusant (noun): a person that refuses to submit to authority. Specifically, when the authority is unjust.