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Royton Deserves Better

Royton Deserves Better

After claiming the grooming and gang rape of Working Class White girls by Pakistani Rape gangs were 'bare faced lies' and conspiracy theories, AMANDA CHADDERTON and her Labour Party team were forced to admit that in Oldham, just as in other towns with a similar Muslim Labour Party block voting demographic, the Council knew that little White girls were being dragged off the streets and gang raped.

Even though AMANDA CHADDERTON was forced to repeatedly apologise for her Labour Party run council's failures, and I'll leave it to you to decide why, the Labour Party leader of Oldham Council repeatedly blocked pleas to bring in the government and demand a Public Inquiry. To this day, not only does AMANDA CHADDERTON and her Labour Party team refuse to confirm how many Oldham children were groomed and gang raped, she even claimed 'you can't say it destroyed their lives'.

CHADDERTON is not alone in her callous behaviour. Here is her Royton North colleague CLINT PHYTIAN. The creams of outrage you hear include parents of victims of Pakistani Rape Gangs as Cllr CLINT PHYTHIAN claims seeking justice is a waste of money.

Why would the Labour Party go against the Council's own constitution to amend a motion calling for a Public Inquiry?

Following this mtg, AMANDA CHADDERTON took steps to ban the public attending Council meetings. Working with the proven Pakistani Rape Gang protecting Greater Manchester Police, they hand delivered ASBI letters threatening members of the public for behaviour such as pointing their finger and looking menacingly towards the mayor. They even unlawfully obtained people's addresses and falsified information banning people who were not at the meeting.

To this day, Operation Sherwood, launched by GMP after they were forced to apologise for their failures to protect children, has failed to prosecute a single member of the Pakistani Rape Gangs. Oldham Council refuse to provide a number of how many children were gang raped and the mainstream media claim there was no cover up and the people of Oldham are conspiracy theorists.

The town’s 2 MP’s go further. Having been exposed for his role in the cover up of the Pakistani Rape Gangs, JIM McMAHON MP used Parliamentary Privilege to call me a racist. My crime, the same as many of you, refusing to remain silent to the screams of little White girls. Unfortunately for JIM McMAHON, who now is rarely seen in the constituency he allegedly represents, the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have confirmed we are not racists. The Pakistani Rape gangs are real.

PM to clamp down on Grooming Gangs
Evil grooming gangs who target children and young women will be stamped out under new plans unveiled by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today (Monday 3 April)

At next week’s all out elections,  the people of Oldham have a chance to hold Oldham's Pakistani Rape gang protecting politicians such as AMANDA CHADDERTON (Royton South) and CLINT PHYTHIAN (Royton North) to account.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

Raja Miah MBE
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Oldham West & Royton

For the last 4 years, I have exposed Council corruption and the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of children in Oldham. If you find what I share of value, please support my work by buying a coffee, contributing via PayPal or subscribing to the website.