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With £1 Million in the bank, the Labour Party Visit Frank

With £1 Million in the bank, the Labour Party Visit Frank

Only inevitable that just days after £1 million of Council Tax payers funds was handed over to Oldham Athletic without sight of any credible due diligence taking place that we see the samosa nibbler JIM McMAHON and the MP for Oldham East & Kashmir turn up at Boundary Park.

What next? Postal vote registrations at half time? Or perhaps go all out and change the strip to Labour red and carve out a government funded hospitality shisha bar on the roof? The party politicalisation of the Latics is more than just a disgrace. AMANDA CHADDERTON's Council awarding, and subsequent heavily social media publicising of the 'grant' during PURDAH is nothing short of criminal. If the political opposition in Oldham had anything about them, they would call it out for what it is and report the matter to the police for investigation.

Welcome to Oldham, where the Labour Party think they've figured out how to bribe the White block vote. So what if they covered up the gang rape of little White girls. They're hoping you'll forget all about that because they bought the Latics some shiny new turf.

It is nine minutes past nine and we have arrived late. Perhaps, too late...

Raja Miah MBE
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Oldham West & Royton

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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