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Oldham Council Continues to Hide as Evidence Emerges of More Bare Faced Lies

Oldham Council Continues to Hide as Evidence Emerges of More Bare Faced Lies

A victim of CSE in Oldham approached me to share her testimony. Groomed and gang raped by countless Pakistani men, she was prevented from testifying in ANDY BURNHAM's so called ASSURANCE REVIEW. Instead, the authorities visited her just days prior to the publication of the report and presented her with a scrap of paper. Her name was hand written at the top of a mass print template signed by Oldham, GMP Chief Superintendent CHRIS BOWEN. It was an abysmal attempt at an apology acknowledging their failure.

The officials that arrived also informed Child A that she was to be a case study in ANDY BURNHAM's Assurance Review into the allegations of CSE in Oldham. Yet when the report was published, what had been done to her, and how the authorities failed her, has been whitewashed from MALCOLM NEWSAM & GARY 'I'm a Labour Man' RIDGWAY's report.

This is where her harrowing testimony begins;

I'd been forced to perform oral on a boy who attended the same school during the holidays. Unbeknown to me, a video was made and passed around. The police, social services, who was already part of my case, aware of what was going on, was made aware of this. The boy being 15, maybe 16 at the time. And even with the video evidence, there was no follow up.

I will share her full testimony on Sunday evening. Link below.

Whatever you do, don't call it a cover up exercise. And sure as hell don't mention how politicians and council officers sat in Oldham Council right now helped hide how the Labour Party member SHABIR 'Daddy' AHMED was employed by the Council with access to vulnerable adults and children.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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