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Another Sex Offender, Another Council Error, Another Oldham Election Scandal

Oldham Council is being taken to the High Court for its actions in Coldhurst during last month's election where the OBA Cartel endorsed candidate and Deputy Leader of Oldham Council, ABDUL JABBAR, won by 71 votes.
Another Sex Offender, Another Council Error, Another Oldham Election Scandal

Oldham Council is being taken to the High Court for its actions in Coldhurst during last month’s local election where the OBA Cartel endorsed candidate and Labour Party Deputy Leader of Oldham Council, ABDUL JABBAR, narrowly won by 71 votes. A close associate of JIM McMAHON MP, he caused controversy by launching his reelection campaign alongside the convicted sex offender and former Chairman of the Council funded Oldham Central Mosque.

For those unfamiliar with the background, ABDUL JABBAR launched his reelection campaign alongside the convicted SEX OFFENDER former Chairman of Oldham Central Mosque at the OBA Millennium Centre. This convicted sex offender, who had attacked a young White woman, was also a previous Labour Party candidate in Coldhurst. You can see him pictured below with his red rosette and brown coat alongside JIM McMAHON MP.

Oldham Central Mosque, managed by ABDUL JABBAR’s brother, ABDUL KARIM, is an Oldham Council funded mosque. Run by members of the Coldhurst branch of the Labour Party, his branch is currently suspended by the Labour Party because of fears of voter fraud. This resulted in ABDUL JABBAR (also in the same set of pictures above with JIM McMAHON and the Sex Offender former mosque chairman) being conveniently selected unopposed as the Labour Party candidate for the 2021 local elections.

Previously, JIM McMAHON MP was exposed for attending celebration parties at a number of mosques, including Oldham Central Mosque, where a member of the Mosque Management Committee and the Coldhurst branch of the Labour Party posted images of McMAHON with reference to him being there thanking them for all the votes that resulted in his successful election as MP.

Prior to the celebrations, Oldham Central Mosque had only weeks earlier denied its role in harvesting postal votes for the Labour Party by claiming that it was not involved in politics. This claim was clearly not true. It had also taken several Freedom of Information requests to extract from the Council that it had secretly funded the mosque. In the Council’s original response, it had claimed otherwise. Some might say, the Council had lied.

Those that accessed the members only Recusant Nine transmission on Facebook recently will know that there is so much more to this latest story. Rather than any dodgy behaviour by ABDUL JABBAR, it is the Council’s behaviour that is being called in to question, something the Council funded local press are keen to avoid focusing on.

As detailed in the broadcast, both JULIE BRUCE and her Elections Team at Oldham Council, alongside the Labour Party in Oldham, have form in this area. The evidence of what has now taken place is damning and opposition Councillors are now calling for JABBAR to stand down. Unfortunately, despite the evidence pointing directly at Oldham Council, they remain silent on calling for the suspension of BRUCE and her team.

Yet again, Oldham Council, through its actions, stands accused of rigging an election. Yet again, a senior Labour Party politician finds himself at risk of losing his seat in spectacular style as the disgraced PHIL WOOLAS. This Labour Party MP was found to have knowingly misled voters in Oldham East in a desperate bid to stir up religious tensions by claiming his Lib Dem opponent, ELWYN WATKINS had “wooed” Islamic extremists.

In a town where McMAHON and his Labour Party are without any substance alleging others of being Far Right and stirring racial division, the irony is that it is McMAHON’s Labour Party who are both the proven racists, by attempting to get the ‘white vote angry’, and also proven to have won an election unlawfully.

Phil Woolas ejected from parliament over election slurs
Court ruling that former immigration minister lied about his Lib Dem opponent triggers a by-election in Oldham East

Rigged elections in Oldham are not at all new. From as far back as I can remember, before the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Cartels developed the skills necessary to influence official positions in the town, they were learning their trade rigging the elections at a neighbourhood level. Here, Cartel factions were fighting it out for the control of management committees of mosques and community centres long before they were fighting for control of Council budgets. Bribery, intimidation, voter fraud, corrupt officials, court cases and re elections were the norm in these areas. When the transition from control of neighbourhood organisations to taking control of wards and then the town came, these people already had a wealth of experience.

For these Cartels to be able to rig elections, they need support from those in positions of power and influence. Not only do they need the active involvement of Council officials, without which none of this is possible, they also need the co-operation of senior politicians to remain silent and/or look the other way. All of these conditions and more exist in Oldham. Allow me to demonstrate.

Exhibit A

Separate to the PHIL WOOLAS judgement, the sale of Glodwick Baths in the lead up to the 2016 Council election in St Mary’s is as clear an example as you will find anywhere in the UK of Council involvement in attempts to rig an election. Reported as a crime to Greater Manchester Police, now under the control of the Labour Party politician ANDY BURNHAM in his role as Police & Crime Commissioner, they have refused to launch an investigation.

At the centre of this matter are the Labour Party politicians JIM McMAHON MP, leader of Oldham Council, AROOJ SHAH and senior Oldham Council officers including its Chief Executive Dr CAROLYN WILKINS and the Borough Solicitor PAUL ENTWISTLE. The paper trail is conclusive. There is no ambiguity. The Council, through its actions, attempted to rig a local election in favour of one of the candidates, AROOJ SHAH.

This Oldham Council Cabinet Report dated 25th January 2016 reveals the Council agreeing to the sale of the old Glodwick Baths. At the time, according to Oldham Council records, JIM McMAHON was still involved in this decision. At the meeting, when the item regarding the sale of the Baths were discussed, Cllr AROOJ SHAH declared a ‘prejudicial interest’ and left the room.

At this time, AROOJ SHAH had been fighting a bitter campaign to remain Councillor in St Mary’s ward. Already, the local branch of the Labour Party had been suspended from being able to deselect her with a candidate of their choice. The intended replacement, AFTAB HUSSAIN, blocked from fighting for the official Labour Party candidacy, decided to stand as an Independent. SHAH was very much aware that despite Labour Party efforts to protect her, she would face stiff competition to retain her seat now that HUSSAIN had decided to stand as an Independent and the election was going to be tight.

On the 28th/29th April 2016, just days before the election, The Ghazali Trust, an organisation with self declared strong community links in St. Mary’s Ward, took to social media to announce that they had secured the former Glodwick Baths for community use. In the lead up to the election, they posted multiple times of their new acquisition.

Information extracted from this Council meeting of the 26th January identifies the following:

  • A four week tender exercise was approved on the 17th November 2015. It is unclear why this marketing exercise was restricted to 4 weeks, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Glodwick Baths was a public asset and like any public asset, the public would perhaps have rightly expected that we received maximum return for the disposal of our assets.
  • The marketing exercise resulted in the Council receiving two tenders by the closing date of 12 Noon on Friday 18 December 2015. It is unclear what this actual exercise was and where the site was advertised.
  • The Council in its wisdom agreed to accept the LOWER offer. In their own words, ‘the second highest offer be accepted on the basis that this was deemed to be of greater social value / benefit when compared to the other offer received.’ I'll leave it to people to decide why the Council would describe the lower offer using such language.
  • Though the Council did not disclose what ‘market value’ for the property was or whether they actually independently valued the Baths, they confirm that the sum they agreed to sell a publicly owned asset was undervalued by £52,000. The Council also fail to disclose the amount of the winning bid.
  • To proceed with the sale the Council determined that contacts were to be exchanged within two months of the date of the letter confirming the Council’s acceptance.

One can imagine that 2 months would take us in to the end of March. The Council were already fully aware that the sale would need to be completed before the lead up to the May local elections. This period is known as purdah. The Council should have been unable to complete this sale during purdah, particularly as it was ALREADY aware that Cllr Shah had declared a ‘prejudicial interest’ with the organisation that was attempting to buy the building at a knockdown price.

Despite this knowledge, forced from Oldham Council via this FOI request, the sale was completed during purdah on the 12th April 2016.

Sale of the former Glodwick Baths To The Ghazali Trust (Updated) - a Freedom of Information request to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
The following information is extracted from information drawn from a Oldham Council Cabinet Report dated 25th January 2016 regarding the sale of the site of the former Glodwick Baths: 1. A four week tender exercise was approved on the 17th November 2015. 2. The marketing exercise has resulted in…

A search of the Land Registry also confirms that the entire site was sold to the Ghazali Trust for a bargain price of £75,000. The Council, by its own admission, had sold the site for at least £52,000 less than its value, in the lead up to a local election, to an organisation with a ‘prejudicial interest’ to the Labour Party Councillor AROOJ SHAH.

Whilst MAJID HUSSAIN has taken to the media, where he has boasted of the power, reach and influence of the Ghazali Trust, neither HUSSAIN nor one of the other 2 Directors (that’s correct, this organisation only has 3 Directors) have come forward to reassure the wider community that they did not pick up a public asset on the cheap in exchange for supporting AROOJ SHAH in her re-election campaign. Nor has anyone from the Labour Party or the Council clarified the nature of the Ghazali Trust’s relationship with AROOJ SHAH. What exactly is her ‘prejudicial interest’?

What is a matter of public record is that the Ghazali Trust took to Facebook on the 28th April 2016 to announce they had acquired the former swimming baths and were looking for people to help give it a new name.

So that there is no ambiguity, the rules for purdah are very simple. The relevant bit

'could a reasonable person conclude that you were spending public money to influence the outcome of the election?’

I cannot see any circumstance why the massively discounted sale of the former Glodwick Baths had to be rushed through this way, days before an election. This was a derelict building. What difference would just over 2 weeks have made? I am also suspicious of the timing of the Ghazali Trust’s Facebook announcement. My suspicion is that the Ghazali Trust knew that, by making the announcement of their purchase of Glodwick Baths days before the election, they, through their influence in the community, would assist AROOJ SHAH in her re-election campaign.

Despite the Council’s involvement in an attempt to rig this local election, AROOJ SHAH lost. She immediately blamed her defeat on misogyny. JIM McMAHON decided to take on SHAH as his Parliamentary Assistant. She was then parachuted in to become the uncontested Labour Party candidate in South Chadderton and with the support of McMAHON is now leader of Oldham Council.

AROOJ SHAH, meanwhile, has been exposed for her failure to declare her ownership of an Ice Cream Parlour and of her associations with serious gangsters including money launderers, kidnappers, heroin dealers and the infamous getaway driver of the Oldham cop killer, DALE CREGAN. McMAHON also has a direct connection to the career criminal and convicted gangster IRISH IMY.

The getaway driver for police killer Dale Cregan has been recalled to prison
Mohammed Imran Ali, 47, from Oldham, was jailed along with Cregan in 2013

SHAH continues to claim that asking questions of her relationships with gangsters, yoyo ownership of a dodgy Ice Cream parlour and involvement in the sale of Glodwick Baths are the actions of misogynists. McMAHON, through his friends in the press, is pushing the narrative that this is a Far Right Fake News conspiracy theory. The evidence is all laid out. I’m sure people can make their own minds up why Oldham Council sold Glodwick Baths at a knockdown price days before an election, to an organisation that had a ‘prejudicial’ link to the Labour Party candidate AROOJ SHAH, who coincidentally was also contesting the election in the ward the baths were sold.

Exhibit B

In the lead up to the General Election of 2019, whilst the result in Oldham West & Royton was a foregone conclusion, the election in Oldham East & Saddleworth was tight. DEBBIE ABRAHAMS, dogged by her failure to tackle concerns of CSE, was at risk of losing her seat to local boy returning home, TOM LORD, as the Conservative candidate. In the end, ABRAHAMS, despite being defeated in the majority of Oldham East & Saddleworth, scraped through because of the Muslim block vote support she enjoyed in the Pakistani areas.

Table 16 are the votes for St Mary's Ward.

Unfortunately, the Conservatives decided not to contest the result as it emerged that in the lead up to this election, Oldham Council had presented inaccurate, misleading and false data on their website regarding past election results in Alexandra ward — one of the few areas where Abrahams won. The Council had been exposed for misleading the public by presenting percentages, charts and graphs that showed a massive Labour lead in the previous election. The information on the Council website was not true. JULIE BRUCE and her team, who were responsible for this information, had presented false figures to the public.

Council’s are tasked with presented accurate data of past elections. One of the reasons they have this responsibility is that members of the public can trust them to provide accurate data. They can then use this data to inform their voting intentions. When this data is misrepresented in the way it was in Alexandra, it is likely that voters that would otherwise have voted strategically to take out a candidate, not have seen the value of using their vote in this way. Worse, seeing the huge Labour Party lead, some voters would just not have bothered voting.

Only after being exposed for their actions did Oldham Council remove their false information from their website. This was completed just days before the election. By this time, many people would have already visited the Council website to help them make an informed decision of who they were going to vote for, or even if they were going to vote at all. After removing this information, Oldham Council failed to make any public announcement explaining their error.

In an email to DEBBIE COLE, the Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth candidate in Oldham West & Royton, the officer in charge of the elections team at Oldham Council, JULIE BRUCE, admitted fault. Unbelievably, she had the audacity to claim that this was a simple ‘clerical error’.

Oldham Council have refused to share if they had investigated how this ‘clerical error’ could have taken place or what measures they have implemented to make sure no such error ever happens again. The actions of BRUCE and her team are significant as we move no to the next case of allegations of Oldham Council’s involvement in rigging elections.

Exhibit C

This document quietly appeared on Oldham Council's website earlier this week. It followed the Recusant Nine members only transmission on Facebook sharing details of the looming High Court case. MONTAZ ALI AZAD, the Independent Candidate for Coldhurst in the May 2021 local elections, has filed in the High Court. He lost out in the OBA Cartel controlled area of Coldhurst to the Labour Party candidate ABDUL JABBAR by 71 votes.

Election petition | Oldham Council
Election petition

What former Labour Party Councillor MONTAZ ALI AZAD is claiming, and I have been able to piece together some of the evidence, is damning for JULIE BRUCE and her team at Oldham Council. Remember, in December 2019, BRUCE had already claimed a ‘clerical error’ for her team’s abject failure to present accurate election data. She and her team now find themselves at the centre of a massive scandal in Oldham. Finally, we have someone with the courage to take on Oldham Council.

The High Court submission makes reference to the following factors;

3. That the local election was badly run. My polling agents were not allowed to enter polling stations from 7am until around 12.30pm to represent me in the polling stations due to elections office error.

4. That the ballot boxes could not have been checked it was empty before it was sealed by the presiding officers.

5. My polling agents could not assist me in detecting incidences of personation by not being able to enter the polling stations.

6. That the polling station mobile unit co2, maygate, had a very small portacabin allowing one in one out which resulted in long queue and this deterred would be voters waiting in the adverse weather.

I’ll share with you what I know, I have been able to gather this information through my networks in both the local community and from sources inside Oldham Council. How much is true and how much is me filling the gaps, I’ll leave to you.

  • At elections, candidates have an official agent. MONTAZ ALI AZAD’s Agent was a Mr HIRA MIAH. Mr MIAH then had a team of 32 Polling Agents. Each candidate has a network of such Polling Agents and they play a vital role in elections.
  • To be able to fulfil their duties at the polling stations, these Polling Agents are issued a letter giving them permission to access the polling stations and fulfil their roles as set out in law.
  • In the lead up to the election, having not received the necessary paperwork from Oldham Council, Mr MIAH made multiple visits to JULIE BRUCE’s office on the 4th and 5th May 2021. Each time he was given reassurances that everything was fine and that the paperwork was in the post.
  • On the 5th May, the day before the election, all but 3 of Mr MIAH’s agents received the necessary paperwork. Worryingly, Mr MIAH had yet to receive his paperwork. Should anything go wrong, it is Mr MIAH as the official agent who is held legally responsible.
  • On the 6th May, on the day of the election, all of Mr MIAH’s team of agents were prevented from accessing the polling stations in Coldhurst. The Council staff in charge of these stations, known as Presiding Officers, claimed that the paperwork they had received in the post the previous day was FAKE.
  • Mr MIAH rushed back to JULIE BRUCE’s offices where one of her team spoke with him. Despite being given assurances on 2 prior occasions that everything was in hand, this Oldham Council Officer was now attempting to claim that the Council had not received the completed paperwork, had not issued any letters and needed to see evidence of these letters that members of Mr MIAH’s team had received in the post the previous day. JULIE BRUCE also appeared on the scene and also claimed the same — that the paperwork had not been completed and she needed proof of these letters.
  • Mr MIAH, was now tasked with having to go and collect letters from his agents and return to the Council offices. This would waste valuable time and prevent him and his team from fulfilling their duties, as set out to them in law.
  • When Mr MIAH returned with proof of letters, JULIE BRUCE, the Officer in charge of Elections at Oldham Council, initially claimed these letters were fake. Mr MIAH stood his ground and refused to accept this preposterous claim. The letters had arrived in the post from Oldham Council to the home addresses of his team. The names and addresses of his team would only have been obtained from the completed paperwork he had submitted to the Council. The letters had been issued by Oldham Council and were NOT fake.
  • JULIE BRUCE then disappeared for roughly 1 hour before returning very flustered. The letters were indeed not fake and all the paperwork had been submitted. Oldham Council had prevented the official Agent and his team of Polling Agents of a candidate in the local election from fulfilling their legal responsibilities.
  • By the time the necessary phone calls were made by JULIE BRUCE to allow Mr MIAH and his team access, as required by law, it was approaching 1pm. The polling stations had opened at 7am and Mr MIAH and his team had already lost out on 6 hour of the 15 hrs polling stations were open.
  • As a consequence of JULIE BRUCE and her team’s actions, not only had prospective voters been denied valuable support from MONTAZ ALI AZAD’s team of agents, these agents had also been prevented from identifying and challenging any inappropriate behaviour from other candidates or their agents
  • Most significantly, Mr MIAH’s team had been prevented from inspecting ballot boxes at the commencement of the election to make sure they were empty. For all they knew, these ballot boxes could have already been stuffed with votes.

Remember, Coldhurst is a proven hotbed of corruption with even the Labour Party having suspended its local branch. Voter intimidation, impersonation and fraud is real in this Cartel controlled ward. Hand in hand with reports of wide scale postal vote harvesting, elections in Coldhurst are more comparable to banana republics than a sophisticated and mature Western democracy. Coldhurst isn’t unique, all the Asian areas of Oldham are the same.

As also demonstrated by their actions in the 2019 election, this is not the first time that JULIE BRUCE and her team at Oldham Council find themselves at the centre of such a scandal. At what point do we accept that these ‘mistakes’ are not just ‘clerical errors’ but a systematic abuse of power from JULIE BRUCE or members of her team to influence the outcome of elections?

Some may wish to believe that what took place was simply an error. I do not. Surely, whilst we await the outcome of the High Court, JULIE BRUCE and her entire team should be suspended pending, not just the outcome of the High Court, but also an independent investigation in to her and her team’s actions? In my opinion, the matter should be referred to the police to investigate.

From everything I have seen, I am of the opinion that what took place in Oldham on the 6th May 2021 was a co-ordinated attempt, involving members of Oldham Council’s election team and its team of Presiding Officers, to disrupt a candidate from fairly competing in an election. I cannot see what other conclusion any sensible individual could arrive at. Can you?

As for ABDUL JABBAR, the OBA endorsed politician and also close associate of JIM McMAHON MP, who benefited most from what took place, I’ll leave it to people to make their own minds up what his role was in this entire scandal.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.

Raja Miah MBE