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At What Cost?

It is nine minutes past nine and we have arrived late... Across the United Kingdom, in areas where Muslim communities are concentrated and @UKLabour dependent on a Cartel controlled block vote, something deeply concerning is taking place.
At What Cost?

In July 2015, at the request of the then Prime Minister and Home Secretary, Dame Louise Casey was asked to undertake a review into integration and opportunity in our most isolated and deprived communities. Her subsequent report, referred to as the Casey Review found, and I quote her words directly,  

high levels of social and economic isolation in some places, and cultural and religious practices in communities…. run contrary to British values and sometimes our laws

At the time Dame Casey published her findings, the think-tank Policy Exchange also published details of their research as part of their Integration Index. They confirmed what most of us from the town could have told them without them having gone to all the effort, that not only did Oldham have one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in the UK, it was also one of the most segregated places in Britain.

Integration Index
David Goodhart, head of Policy Exchange’s Demography, Immigration, and Integration Unit, looks at varying levels of integration based on location in England and Wales.

Now 20 years after the race riots in the town, and following 10s of millions of government funded projects, contrary to the image desperately being pushed by Dr CAROLYN WILKINS and her team of almost exclusively not live anywhere near the town of White executive council officers, the situation is actually worse than ever before. In fact, it is about to get even more worse.

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