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Call for Support

Call for Support

As many of you know, without a significant uplift in paid memberships, the Recusant Nine transmissions are scheduled to end at Xmas. After 4 years + of leading this fight, and at immense personal sacrifice, I simply do not have the financial means to continue. Over the course of the last 9 weeks I've been desperately fundraising trying to reach a monthly target of £2,ooo.

When we started our campaign, the Recusant Nine website subscriptions were at just over £500 a month. With just one week before the last scheduled transmission, our monthly income is now at £1,572. We are now just £428 short of our target. Thank you to all of you that have signed up as new subscribers, increased your subscription or even pledged to sponsor the transmissions via our 50x50 campaign.

As we run out of time, and in a final push towards reaching our target, especially following feedback that the £3 a month tier was still too high a commitment, particularly in the current climate, I've introduced a special £1 membership tier. This is the equivalent of just 25p a week or just over 3p a day. I'm hoping that I can convince the 300+ free members that take value from my work every week to commit to supporting me with £1 a month. This is the link to upgrade your membership from free to £1 a month.

Without any ego or arrogance, I have no doubt that had it not been for my work, and the risks I have taken, there would be no resistance to the tyranny of JIM McMAHON MP and his corrupt and out of control Labour Party controlled Council. There would be no scrutiny at the Civic Centre and business would have continued as normal. Business that includes the gang rape and human trafficking of our children.

If you take value in my work and want to save our town from those that sanctioned the sale of our children in exchange for power, privilege and status then consider taking out a paid subscription. If the 300 free subscribers all took out a £1 a month subscription then we would be in touching distance of continuing post Xmas.

Raja 🙏