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Enemies of our People

Enemies of our People

Introduction to a town where democracy is dead and the politicians, police, press, council officials and mobsters all share the same Pakistani rape gang protecting bed.

Welcome to Oldham,. Once condemned as ungovernable by the Government's own Audit Commission, it is arguably the most corrupt town in England. Most recently exposed as another town where Working Class White girls were gang raped by predominantly Pakistani men, Oldham took the scandal to an entirely new level after it emerged that the ringleader of the Grooming Gangs, the infamous SHABIR 'Daddy' AHMED had been employed by the local authority in a role where he had a steady supply of both victims and customers! The Council knew. They had kept it hidden. Something apparently to do with 'maintaining community relations' and not postal votes.

Also an electoral fraud hotspot, as confirmed by the Electoral Commission, the town also features JIM McMAHON MP hanging out in mosques unlawfully funded by the local taxpayers and nibbling samosas with Asian businessmen that have purchased public assets at knockdown prices. His Council (that he was leader of at the time) even sold a swimming baths in the lead up to the election to an organisation that had influence over 100s of votes, and also a declared association with one of the candidates. Just don't call it a bribe. Speaking of bribes, perhaps Cllr Bashforth would like to comment on which is worse - being a bribe taker or a bootlegger?

On to more serious matters, whatever you do, don't question why the ex leader of the Council hangs off the arm of a cop killer's getaway driver. You might get followed home and end up in Court because the Police were forced to arrest and charge a mobster that enjoys the freedom of the town hall. It could have been worse, I could have been followed by one of AROOJ SHAH's other close friends. For instance the man she partied an election victory with. A man convicted of kidnap, torture and crimes so horrific, the police found blood splattered all over the walls. And yes, AROOJ SHAH is now Chair of the powerful Labour Party National Constitutional Committee. Go figure.

Oldham is also a town where Dr ZAHID CHAUHAN's role as Deputy Mayor was first announced in Mirpur Pakistan. And when 2 of his medical centres received damning inspection reports from the Care Quality Commission, the newspapers helped hide his identity whilst his name mysteriously disappeared from the website of Royton Medical Centre. Then there is the question of Dr CHAUHAN's failure to declare contracts his company BARDOC received from Oldham Council. Whilst Chauhan claims it isn't his company, when his lawyers have confirmed Bardoc is his company, Oldham Council are running for cover as to what they paid BARDOC nearly £1 million for. I wonder why that would be?

Dr No Show and the Politics of Protecting Politicians Ahead of Patients
Alongside the challenges faced at Royton and Medlock Medical Centres, at which both Dr ZAHID CHAUHAN is the GP Partner, there is a parallel scandal emerging regarding his role in a company called Bardoc Limited. This is what the Lib Dem Councllor Mark Kenyon is quoted as saying after his

Continuing the Pakistan link, DEBBIE ABRAHAMS, the second of the town's MPs, was exposed as being on the payroll of the Pakistani government. Your guess is as good as mine as to how many postal votes are sent over on a PIA flight from Islamabad or how long before Labour push for polling stations to be opened in Lahore. I know DEBBIE KASHMIR & JIMMY SAMOSA oppose voter ID. And I know that they'd scream RACISM and every other ISM they could if ever postal vote safeguards were introduced. Can you imagine how hollow McMAHON's cheeks would get if that was to ever happen?

When confirmation of the grooming gangs was forced out of this Labour Party run town, both McMAHON and ABRAHAMS held a debate in parliament. Instead of apologising, they accused the townsfolk that had campaigned for justice as racists and far right activists. The same slurs they had used to attempt to prevent the cover up from being exposed in the first place.

Both the local police force, until recently in accelerated special measures Greater Manchester Police, and the local media, have been proven to be complicit in the criminality that infests the town. They even helped hide the conviction of a councillor who was convicted for child sexual exploitation offences! As for the townsfolk that dare bravely speak out - they have been banned from attending Council meetings for offences that included wagging their fingers. And in tactics more familiar with the Stasi or found in modern day Iran or North Korea, Oldham Council in partnership with Greater Manchester Police have implemented something called Operation Hexagon. The remit of this joint operation, in case you hadn't guessed, is to identify and target members of the public that object to tyranny.

SEAN FIELDING, a previous Council leader, was even exposed for using his position as Council leader to target his critics and have them sacked from their jobs! GMP knew what the politician had done. They refused to investigate. The MSM knew what had happened. They helped him maliciously accuse members of the public as, yes you guessed it, racists and far right activists.

As for me, my name is Raja Miah. I'm actually a decorated anti racist. Contrary to what a malicious blogger claims, Oldham is my home town. For the last 4+ years the combined might of the Labour Party, Oldham Council, GMP and the mainstream media have attempted to criminalise me. The police have fabricated crimes I never committed and the CPS have seen attempted prosecutions against me collapse. In desperation, the Oldham Times fabricated a headline that I had been arrested as part of a CSE investigation and if not for cctv evidence, I would have been prosecuted for the firebombing of the former Council leader's car. Coincidently, after I released the CCTV footage of the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's car, GMP don't seem interested in charging anyone for an attack that made global news.

I'm also due in Court next month. It will be a landmark case should it go ahead. The CPS appear to want to prosecute me without using the evidence the police relied on to arrest me! If I'm found guilty, it'll be all over the news. If the case collapses and/or I'm found not guilty, there will be no news story. Do come and watch if you have the time. I've always believed that people are able to make their own minds up.

All of this may appear to be a script for a blockbuster Hollywood movie. It isn't. This is real life Oldham. A town where even though democracy is dead, brave people wage war against those that facilitated in the sale of our children in exchange for power, wealth and status. And despite everything that they have thrown at us, we are winning.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


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