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Whilst AROOJ SHAH Carves Up The Town, The Opposition Are All Made To Look Like Clowns

Whilst AROOJ SHAH Carves Up The Town, The Opposition Are All Made To Look Like Clowns

Recusant Nine Transmission | 07:11:2021 | Part 1

The carving up of Oldham by Cllr AROOJ SHAH's corrupt Labour Party run Council should not surprise anyone. These 5 new District Committees are much more than a power grab. In 4 of the 5 areas, there is a clear Cartel expansion that appears to have gone unnoticed by most Oldhamers and unchallenged by Councillors from all opposition parties. WHY?

In part 1 of this transmission I explore what has taken place and ask why the absence of opposition to;

Failsworth now being controlled by the Pakistani Cartel from Coppice

Chadderton being controlled by the Pakistani Cartel from Werneth, just in case the OBA Cartel now in control of Chadderton North was not enough

How Coldhurst, an area with a growing anti Cartel insurgency, has been lumped in with reinforcements from the Pakistani dominated areas of St Mary's and Alexandra to create a Super Cartel District

Waterhead, an area increasingly under the control of the Pakistani Glodwick overspill in to Clarksfield, has been sent to support Labour in the Saddleworth District

The carving up of the 5 District Committees is also the first sign of the future political landscape of Oldham. In the 5th area, which includes the Liberal Democrat stronghold of Shaw & Crompton, the Labour Party have cut a deal with HOWARD SYKES. As Labour continue losing seats, and their majority is lost, they will rely on a partnership with the Liberal Democrats. For those with eyes to see, their working together here is just another example of their maturing partnership.

The Conservatives meanwhile sat on their hands whilst Derker & Sholver (St James) was sold out and lumped in with Saddleworth. Divisions in this party are clearly evident as the Saddleworth Old Guard likes of PAM BYRNE continue seeking positions of status rather than fight the Labour Party, or fight for the town.

As for BRIAN 'Big Boy Pants' HOBIN and his team of Failsworth Independents. Once again, AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party have led them a merry dance. Despite fellow FIP Councillor, MARK WILKINSON, continuing to be targeted by the Cllr AROOJ SHAH endorsed malicious blogger, the inexperienced and evidently politically naive HOBIN has been busy trying to court Cllr SHAH. Posing for pictures alongside her and repeatedly applauded her spirit of 'partnership working', in an attempt to garnish favours, after attacking myself and others for daring speak out against her corrupt Labour Party administration, he continues to remain silent as the malicious blogger aligned with AROOJ SHAH attacks his colleague, his constituents and the wider Oldham community.

At last week's Council meeting, HOBIN even joined in with the back slapping of Greater Manchester Police instead of asking any form of challenging question. This is despite crime being a key priority in Failsworth and the appalling manner in which GMP treated the highly popular and well regarded FAILSWORTH STREET PATROL. Also, despite being a taxi driver, he voted alongside SHAH and the Labour Party in endorsing the introduction of GM MAYOR ANDY BURNHAM's new Congestion Charge that will see other taxi drivers paying an additional £2,500 per year.

During the carve up, with barely a whimper from the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT or CONSERVATIVE opposition, Failsworth was not the only area that sold out. Now controlled by AROOJ SHAH's LABOUR PARTY via the inclusion of key Asian Cartel wards in the new redrawn District boundaries, there is no doubt who is in charge or in which direction resources will be directed.

These are dark days for the people of Oldham. If we are to take our town back, a starting point for the opposition parties must be in accepting that the mobster affiliated Cllr AROOJ SHAH and her corrupt LABOUR PARTY Council cannot be negotiated with, never mind having a cosy coffee with.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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