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Sharing My Truth, Shedding Crocodile Tears And Busy Crying Wolf

Sharing My Truth, Shedding Crocodile Tears And Busy Crying Wolf

Welcome to Oldham. A town where racism has been weaponised to cover up council corruption, criminal cartels, electoral fraud and the grooming and gang rape of children.

On the 14th July 2021, the BBC reported that AROOJ SHAH, the Leader of Oldham Council, had her car 'deliberately set on fire in a "frightening" arson attack'. The BBC, along with all other mainstream media outlets, pounced on the story, immediately focusing on SHAH's ethnicity and religion. Even though there was absolutely no evidence to substantiate a hate crime, the suggestion was clear, Cllr AROOJ SHAH had been attacked because of her background.

Oldham Council leader’s car set on fire in arson attack
A man, 23, is arrested after Arooj Shah’s car was set alight in Oldham in a “shocking attack”.

Within hours of the firebombing, JIM McMAHON, the MP for Oldham West & Royton, had taken to social media to try and incriminate and link me to the attack. One of the most powerful men in the country, he even convinced the DAILY MAIL to run an article blaming 'community activists' for the firebombing. Though my name had been removed, for those familiar with events in Oldham, there was no doubt who he was referring to.

First female Muslim leader of Oldham Council’s car is firebombed
Arooj Shah’s car was torched just before 1.30am on Tuesday in the Glodwick area of the town. Police this afternoon arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life.

Additionally, having successfully campaigned to defeat SEAN FIELDING, the former leader of Oldham Council, from his position, senior Labour Party figures were concerned AROOJ SHAH would suffer the same fate at the ballot box. Prior to the firebombing incident, Cllr SHAH's political career was already in trouble. As Deputy Leader, she had helped block an attempt by opposition councillors to call in the government to investigate the cover up of the grooming gangs.

Furthermore, following a series of damning investigations into her business affairs, she was forced to backdate resignations and try and cover up an undeclared ownership of an Ice Cream lounge. The paperwork trail leads to a convicted money launderer. However, her mobster connections did not end just there.

The plan appeared very clear. The arson attack provided the Labour Party with an opportunity. Maximise the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's car, and use the attack to force my arrest. Attributing blame this way would also silence the growing number of Oldhamers that were openly objecting to the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children. If McMAHON and his associates succeeded in their attempts to portray me as a criminal, and those that followed my work as racists and far right activists, then they would be able to discredit us all and all the concerns we had been raising for the last 3 years would vanish.

All was going to plan for McMAHON, SHAH and their associates until a group of anti Cartel community activists, from within the Pakistani community of Glodwick, smuggled out the video footage of the actual arson attack. Shared with me via a burner phone, the 57 second footage came with a messages that the footage would not just protect me, it would exonerate the people of Oldham from false allegations of racism.

Hence perhaps why, even though all of the press made reference to a 23 year old man being arrested almost immediately  (a further 2 arrests followed), the ethnic and religious backgrounds of those arrested were kept hidden by Greater Manchester Police. With the opportunity provided to them to immediately quash all suggestion that this was a racist attack, those in charge of Greater Manchester Police remained silent. Just as they originally remained silent to the existence of this video footage, which they have since been forced to ADMIT is authentic.

At the time of the firebombing, Detective Chief Inspector WESLEY KNIGHTS described the attack as a "reckless, abhorrent act" and said it was fortunate nobody got hurt. He went on to state, "We will not rest until the circumstances around this incident are fully understood, and those responsible brought to justice..." He made no reference to this CCTV footage, did not ask for witnesses to come forward, nor did he or anyone else from Greater Manchester Police rule out the suggestions that this was a racially motivated attack even though they knew they ethnicity of those arrested. And now the footage has been made public, and you can make your own minds up why the car alarm did not go off, whether the door was unlocked or why the window is smashed AFTER the door is open, it has been 4 months and the police have yet to charge anyone. Scared of where the samosa crumbs will lead?

And whilst AROOJ SHAH, the Labour Party, BBC and the rest of the mainstream media have returned to the arson attack to push their narrative that she is being targeted because of 'the colour of my skin, by my religion and by the fact I am a woman', and we the people of Oldham are attempting to 'create mistrust and division', not one of them will comment on this video footage. Nor will the mainstream media share it. It clearly doesn't suit the AROOJ SHAH is a victim of racism and anti Muslim hatred narrative. A narrative that aims to perhaps ensure, 'for the sake of diversity' and 'maintaining community relations', we all keep our mouths shut regarding what is really taking place in Oldham.

The arson attack was not the first time AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party run Oldham Council have attempted to use her race, religion and gender in attempting to silence legitimate concerns raised by ordinary townsfolk. In never before scenes at a full Council meeting on the 6th January 2021, at the time live streamed to the public, though since then the footage has mysteriously been removed from YouTube, Cllr AROOJ SHAH declared her loyalty to the convicted heroin dealing getaway driver of the cop killer DALE CREGAN. Forced to admit her relationship with this mobster, whom she described as a 'childhood friend'. It's ok, despite Oldham Council removing the recording, I had already published the relevant section.

Put aside the, at the time Deputy Leader, blatantly lied in the Council chamber and shed crocodile tears about what she claimed I'd said (all evidenced by time stamped posts of what I actually DID say), the significance of her speech was not actually her attack on me. Rather, as even then Manchester Evening News picked up on, it was her admission of her connection with one of Oldham's most dangerous criminals. This admission only came after I had shared a series of photographs of AROOJ SHAH comfortably hanging off the arm of the married with children mobster IRISH IMY. Up until I published the photographs, the vast majority of the townsfolk had no idea of their association.

On the basis that IRISH IMY has spent most of his adult life in prison, and with a considerable age difference (particularly whilst children), and also having grown up in completely different parts of Oldham, some may find AROOJ SHAH's claims that she and the convicted heroin dealer are 'childhood friends', as a somewhat interesting description of their relationship.

With the chances that should the residents of Chadderton South become aware of AROOJ SHAH's criminal relationships and dodgy business interests, they would likely vote her out in May 2022, JIM McMAHON MP and the Labour Party needed to act. And act they have as every mainstream media outlet at their disposal has been mobilised to push a narrative that those of us who have exposed their corruption are Far Right activists. Not surprisingly, the fact that I am a Bangladeshi Muslim, with a 20 year plus career at the forefront of UK anti-racist work has been consistently whitewashed in their attacks.

The Labour Party narrative is clear, raising awareness of town hall corruption, secret funding of mosques, courting the Cartel controlled block Muslim vote in the Pakistani & Bangladeshi communities, and exposing the covering up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children, is the work or racists and Far Right activists. With the townsfolk becoming increasingly mobilised, despite attempts to portray them as extremists, the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's car came at an ideal time to silence opposition.

Within days of the firebombing of Cllr AROOJ SHAH's, 6 police officers hammered at my front door and arrested me in a dawn raid. Apparently, I'd written things on the internet that they had received complaints about. What I'd written is still there. During my interview, they claimed that this below article was racist. In a bizarre interpretation of racism, the police officers interviewing me attempted to claim that my objections to the attack of a Jewish owned factory were anti Semitic! I'm genuinely not making this up.

For the Muslim, Never mind the Many
Arooj Shah is now in control of Oldham. For many townsfolk in a town labelled the most segregated in the United Kingdom, her decision to…

Sending 6 police officers to arrest me and confiscating my digital devices (for no justifiable reason as I had already published what they were allegedly investigating), their motives to me were clear;

  • intimidate me
  • take away my means of raising awareness of the corruption and criminality surround AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party run Council
  • identify who sent me the video footage of what really happened to AROOJ SHAH's car
  • impose bail conditions on me which would prevent me from exposing AROOJ SHAH and her mobster mates further and attempt to prevent me from campaigning in the lead up to next May's election.
It is now approaching 4 months since my original arrest. I have not been charged and Inspector BAILEY from Tameside Police Station is attempting to circumnavigate the law and unlawfully extend my bail further. By all definitions, mine was a politically motivated arrest!

Greater Manchester Police's corruption was further exposed as whilst I was locked in a cell and denied a phone call, they shared information with the malicious blogger and proven liar NEIL WILBY and McMAHON's pet newspaper, the Oldham Times. In a clearly fabricated story, the Oldham Times then tried to maliciously incriminate me as being arrested as part of a child sex exploitation investigation.  

By this point, NEIL WILBY had already claimed I was a police informant, shared pictures of my front door, and his associate TAHIR MUSHTAQ (brother of Cllr SHAID MUSHTAQ who sits next to AROOJ SHAH in the Council Chamber) shared my actual home address.

With their coordinated criminal motives to cause me harm evidently obvious, I contacted Greater Manchester Police. They are refusing to investigate. Greater Manchester Police have refused to confirm the inaccuracy of this headline, despite them at no point during my interview making any reference to child sexual exploitation.

Did I mention child sex exploitation? Now over 2 years since I received death threats for bringing to public attention how JIM McMAHON MP and his team in Oldham Council conspired with the BBC to use the funeral of the butchered soldier LEE RIGBY to hide news of Pakistani Grooming Gangs operating out of shisha bars, and despite attempt after attempt to cover up the truth, the release of the report is imminent. My understanding is that AROOJ SHAH and her team have already had sight of it. Attempts have been made to mitigate damage and the usual 'lessons learned' narrative have been prepared. Of course we won't let them get away with what they have done. Discussions are already under way to force government intervention. For most, worse than the paedophiles that groomed and gang raped our children, are the politicians, police officers and council employees that protected them.

Those that control Oldham believe that they can ride this out and once I'm silenced (by whatever means necessary) they can return to how things were. Whether they succeed or not is entirely dependent on the people of the town. From the start, there has only ever been one way out of the mess that our town finds itself in. That way is through the ballot box. In May 2022, we have an opportunity to vote out AROOJ SHAH and as many of her Labour Party team as possible. In the All out elections the following year, when all 60 councillors are up for reelection at the same time, we will have a once in a generation opportunity to wrestle control away from JIM McMAHON's Labour Party and end his tyranny.

Despite their desperate claims, our strategy has never been one of abuse or violence. Rather, it has been a strategy based on political education and democratic engagement. And that is why as each day passes, and the more desperate they become, something has shifted in the politics of the town. McMAHON, his team of Labour Party politicians and the Asian Cartel controlled Muslim militia now fear us.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them

Raja Miah MBE

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