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What Was. What Could Have Been. And What Comes Next.

What Was. What Could Have Been. And What Comes Next.

At this year's local election, having already ousted three successive Council leaders, the people of Oldham removed JIM McMAHON's Labour Party from control of our town. Whilst others now fight over the spoils of our victory and re-write the history of who did what and for what reason, for those of us that have led this fight, this battle is now done. We faced despots and defeated them.

We pause only to honour our fallen before we move on to the next battle. We are at war and as with all wars, there is more than one battle that must be won. To those that believed us rabble, what say you now? To those that dared stand alongside us. Now do you see how powerful we really are? Neither McMAHON, SHAH nor the Labour Party can stop us. They can try and do deals with whoever they want. We are taking our town back. There will be a reckoning. Justice is coming.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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