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What next for Hince and the Big Team?

What next for Hince and the Big Team?

At last night's explosive Oldham Council meeting, with their want to be Failsworth West councillor colleague, MARK WILKINSON, watching on from the Public Gallery, MARC HINCE & SANDRA BALL's CSE Sabotage amendment failed to secure a single vote of support.

Contrary to what the secret squirrel Shaw councillor MARC HINCE claimed, not a single opposition councillor believed TIG's amendment 'improved' the original FIP motion that called for a Telford style Judge led inquiry. Humiliated, HINCE & BALL could not even get the 5 votes needed for a recorded vote. Not that they needed a recorded vote as every hand in the chamber raised to oppose their failed attempt at a cheap political stunt.

With all credibility now lost, it will be interesting to see whether Cllr MAGGIE HURLEY and former senior advisor NICK SUMMERSCALES will be the last to leave the TIG group. HURLEY sat alone as her once self described Big Team now appear to be nothing more than a busted flush as their puppet master JOHN HUGHES was also nowhere to be seen. As with all previous council meetings, Cllr HURLEY failed to stand and speak on any matter discussed at the meeting.

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