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All Eyes On Ball

All Eyes On Ball

In yesterday's Emergency Transmission, I exposed MARC HINCE for his indefensible actions in attempting to sabotage FIPs motion calling for a Telford style Judge led inquiry into the cover up of CSE in Oldham. My analysis triggered MAGGIE HURLEY's resignation from The Independent Group. HURLEY is claiming the amendment was submitted without her knowledge.

Someone should tell Cllr HURLEY to read the actual motion as it will show that it calls for a vote for a Telford style Judge led Inquiry and not a Public Inquiry. The vote for a Public Inquiry was already defeated some months ago where FIP, who bought the motion forward, were prevented from even speaking on it. To help avoid any doubt, a Judge led inquiry is 100% in the gift of AROOJ SHAH's Labour Party run Council. Here is what they did in Telford.

The Independent Inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford
The Independent Inquiry into child sexual exploitation has been set up to investigate and establish the facts of child sexual exploitation in Telford Text REMOVE

I note that SANDRA BALL has yet to comment on why she seconded the sabotage amendment. However, it is worth noting that MARC HINCE (or someone else in the Secret Squirrel club) has attempted to defend himself by suggesting that the amendment to protect Labour, restrict the parameters of the investigation and limit its terms of reference was produced in consultation with SANDRA BALL's fellow Failsworth West politician - MARK WILKINSON.

Now deleted post made by the Secret Squirrel

As well as lashing out at his former Royton colleagues, MARC HINCE has resorted to alleging my motives are political and that where I live should discredit my analysis. Of course my motives are political. This is a political environment and I am critiquing a political matter with a desire to achieve a political outcome. This is desperate stuff from the exposed councillor, who if he had wanted to, had the option of submitting his own motion instead of tampering with another party's. Some initial questions for Cllr HINCE.

  1. Why did HINCE not submit his own motion?
  2. Why did HINCE not consult with both his councillor colleagues before submitting his sabotage amendment?
  3. Did HINCE even secure SANDRA BALL's support before submitting his sabotage amendment?

No longer a councillor, after being deselected by the Failsworth Independents and then failing to get elected in last year's all outs in Failsworth West where 2 Labour councillors secured substantially more votes and won the majority of seats, MARK WILKINSON has yet to issue a statement on whether he did play any role in HINCE's amendment. However, in what is now a predictable outcome in anyone who follows Failsworth politics, instead of MARK WILKINSON issuing any clarification on what he did or did not do, it is his wife CATH WILKINSON who has come out ranting. To avoid any confusion, it is MARK WILKINSON and not his wife who is standing as a candidate in Failsworth West in May.

I will not be responding to the hysterical rants of an unelected individual any more than I will the desperate deflection tactics attempted by MARC HINCE. It has been widely reported how one resigned before being removed as the Chair of the Failsworth Independents, whilst the other is mocked and ridiculed as the leader of the Secret Squirrel Society because he represents a fake political party. This mess was made in SHAW and seemingly aided by those in FAILSWORTH WEST who are pursuing their own vendetta against BRIAN HOBIN and the Failsworth Independent Party.

The prudent thing for HINCE to now do would be for him to withdraw the amendment. Contrary to his desperate claims sent out by email last night, it does not improve on the original motion and instead introduces limitations which could easily undermine the independence of any Judge led inquiry. Here is the link to the analysis of HINCE's amendment. Decide for yourself what he has done.

Failing HINCE finally seeing sense, SANDRA BALL has the option to withdraw seconding the amendment. Either that, or her maiden political speech will be to try and second an amendment that seeks to protect the Labour Party and allow Oldham Council to once again tamper with the independence of a potential CSE inquiry. I very much doubt SANDRA BALL has any idea of what she has let herself in for by seconding HINCE's sabotage amendment.

Should SANDRA BALL withdraw her support, it would leave MARC HINCE further humiliated and unable to sabotage FIPs motion unless a Labour Councillor comes out from hiding and openly supports him.

To their credit, the Failsworth Independent Party whose motion this actually is, have kept a dignified silence and are proceeding as planned and presenting their motion at this evening's Council meeting.

Those attempting to defend HINCE, BALL & WILKINSON are now claiming that CSE is not an issue on he doorstep. I find this genuinely shocking. If the cover up of the gang rape of children is not an issue, I would suggest it is because people are unaware and we make it an issue by raising awareness of what has taken place. Likewise, if it is not an issue on the doorstep as claimed by the remaining members of TIG, then why amend another party's motion on CSE.

And to those who are claiming HINCE's sabotage doesn't matter because we would have lost the vote anyway. Really? We stop fighting for justice because we might lose a vote in a council chamber? You people really need to take a look at yourselves. What we have already achieved in Oldham is completely unprecedented. Nowhere else in England has a cross community campaign fought the way we have or exposed what we have.

Did any of you who are still defending HINCE, BALL and WILKINSON stop to consider how even if we lose the vote this evening, we would use the result to mobilise the electorate to remove more Labour Party councillors from power in May? Or how, once this council is in no overall control, we would be in a position to return with another motion, stronger than any motion before, demanding a Public Inquiry?

Yes Councillor HINCE, I am political. I understand political strategy. I've spent over 20 years mastering my skills. And unlike the Failsworth fake independents or the Secret Squirrel Society of Shaw, I've taken the time to understand political processes and how to navigate an otherwise complicated system and share this knowledge with the people of my town. This is what I did yesterday. I shared information that the people of my town have a right to know about.

And this is why today, I urge everyone to contact Cllr SANDRA BALL and ask her why she put her name down in support of HINCE's sabotage amendment and is she really going to stand up and speak on behalf of protecting Labour whilst survivors and their families watch on from the Public Gallery?

Raja Miah MBE
Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Oldham West, Chadderton & Royton

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