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The Politics of Protecting Pakistani Rape Gangs | Part 1

The Politics of Protecting Pakistani Rape Gangs | Part 1

At the most recent Oldham Council meeting, Council leader AMANDA CHADDERTON, supported by her fellow Royton South councillors Mr & Mrs BARRELGATE BASHFORTH, led the Labour Party in BLOCKING a motion calling for a Public Inquiry into the cover up of the now confirmed grooming and gang rape of White Working Class girls in Oldham.

Not surprisingly, not satisfied with attempting to prevent justice for the survivors of these horrific crimes, neither Cllr CHADDERTON nor any of her Labour Party colleagues will confirm the exact number of children groomed and gang raped in the town. In Rotherham, the number was over 1,400. From the outset, going as far back as JIM McMAHON and including JEAN STRETTON, SEAN FIELDING and most recently AROOJ SHAH, all of them have sought to cover up these crimes and accuse members of the public that dared voice concern of racism and claim we are far right activists.

I'd like you to now ask yourself three questions;

  1. Why did AMANDA CHADDERTON block a motion calling for a public inquiry into the horrific grooming and gang rape of the town's children?
  2. Why is AMANDA Chadderton's Labour Party run Council yet to confirm just how many of our town's children were abused and trafficked by the predominantly Pakistani Rape Gangs? Is the number of Working Class White girls abused in Oldham in the hundreds? Like Rotherham, is it in the thousands? Or, is it worse?
  3. If the Rape Gangs were White and the victims Asian, just what do you think AMANDA CHADDERTON and her Labour Party councillors reaction would have been? Do you think they would have blocked the motion? Or as Royton North councillor CLINT PYTHIAN had the audacity to stand and claim, that an inquiry into these horrific racially motivated crimes against White children was a waste of money?

The Politics of Protecting Pakistani Rape Gangs is a Free to Air transmission scheduled for 1pm today. Those considering a monthly subscription to the Recusant Nine channel might want to put aside 45 minutes during their lunchtime.