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Set Up or Rape?

Set Up or Rape?

Ours is a town where the firebombing of former Council leader AROOJ SHAH's car was exposed as an attempt to frame an innocent man and demonise an entire community falsely and maliciously as Far Right. Ours is also a town where Labour MPs JIM McMAHON & DEBBIE ABRAHAMS, and successive Council leaders, have all been shamed for their roles in the cover up of the gang rape of Working Class White girls.

As such, when the bought and paid for so called local democracy reporter CHARLOTTE GREEN, in collusion with ANDY BURNHAM's 'in accelerated special measures' and proven paedophile protecting Greater Manchester Police, are involved in a vague report on the arrest of a councillor for rape, alarm bells start ringing. More so, when the Pakistani Cartel propaganda page, Oldham News & Media (who hide behind anonymity), start gloating about who the councillor is almost in tandem with CHARLOTTE GREEN's story. Throw a malicious blogger into the mix and my instincts immediately take me to the same place. This is a set up.

Oldham councillor arrested on suspicion of rape
The male councillor was arrested at their home earlier this month after allegedly raping a woman

I am extremely fortunate that the attempts to frame me failed because video evidence was leaked to me that I published online. It immediately ended JIM McMAHON MP and the Cartel attempts to frame me. I challenge anyone to watch footage of the chuckle brothers opening AROOJ SHAH's unlocked car and smashing the already opened door to suggest forced entry and come to any other conclusion. And if still in doubt, why is it that GMP continue to refuse to provide a statement on the progress of their 'investigations'?

I am in no doubt that ours is a town that is so rotten, and so far gone, that an MP, Council, Police, Press and Cartel foot soldiers can all openly work together to try and set up and silence those of us who dare speak out against their tyranny. And knowing what I know, I am in no doubt that this latest is an attempt to frame an innocent man.

I cannot and will not speak on behalf of others. Nor will I, or have I ever told people what to think. Form the beginning, I have asked people to make up their own minds. In the absence of any form of viable political opposition or an independent press, my role is to simply present you with information, insight and the type of forensic analysis that is sadly missing in our town.

Join me for this evening's subscriber only transmission where I share all that I know on this latest scandal. Set up or rape?

It is nine minutes past nine and we have arrived late. Perhaps too late...

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