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The Oldham Group: Saviours or More Same Old Sectarian Sh*t

The Oldham Group: Saviours or More Same Old Sectarian Sh*t

Led by the originally Labour and now former Conservative HMO millionaire businessman KAMRAN GHAFOOR, the so called OLDHAM GROUP have fielded candidates in wards across Oldham. From Failsworth West to Chadderton North, Waterhead to Hollinwood and all of the Cartel strongholds, they are either contesting seats directly or endorsing candidates standing for election.

All Muslim and all almost exclusively Pakistani, these candidates are all focused on teaching their former friends in the Labour Party a lesson over KEIR STARMER's support of Israel.

Should the OLDHAM GROUP succeed, not only will they be instrumental in removing Labour from power in Oldham, a new brand of politics will come into play in Oldham. Whether this is the kind of politics that this town needs is a question that needs to be explored.

Have you ever made a wish and got what you wanted, only for the reality to fall way short of the expectation? Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true is something we are more than familiar with those involved in Oldham politics.
It is nine minutes past nine and we have arrived late. Perhaps too late...

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