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Labour lose 2 councillors before a single vote is even cast

Labour lose 2 councillors before a single vote is even cast

In an unprecedented turn of events, AROOJ SHAH's attempt to manipulate Muslim voters into believing the Labour Party were pro Palestinian has spectacularly backfired.

  1. SHAH first tried to mislead the public in a council meeting by presenting a motion attempting to portray the Labour Party as supporting a ceasefire and opposing genocide. However, SHAH was left red-faced after a counter motion submitted by the Oldham Group exposed Labour’s attempts to deceive the public. Labour did not support an immediate ceasefire. Labour refused to condemn war crimes. AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party friends even refused to acknowledge 30,000 people had been killed.
  2. In typical SHAH style, she then shamelessly plastered herself on the front cover of leaflets pictured with the Palestinian ambassador. But her ploy to woo voters here also fell flat. The original meeting had been facilitated through GM Mayor ANDY BURNHAM and had nothing to do with SHAH. And in case there was any doubt of Labour’s fear of genuinely supporting Palestinians, BURNHAM failed to share either the picture or the leaflet on his social media feeds.
  3. With nothing to demonstrate Labour’s support of an immediate ceasefire, SHAH then inappropriately used a letter from the Mayor's office supporting a ceasefire in the leaflet. Those versed in local politics clearly saw through her facade, recognising the Mayor's politically neutral role and how this letter had been signed by politicians from across all parties.
  4. SHAH then attempted to selectively distribute this leaflet in Muslim areas, knowing that Gaza is not a vote winner in White wards such as Royton and Failsworth. Unfortunately for her, the backlash has come from an unexpected source. Whilst the White Labour councillors have been cowed into submission, NYLA IBRAHIM has refused to participate in the attempted deception.
  5. At the outset of the conflict, Cllr NYALA IBRAHIM issued a statement condemning party leader KEIR STARMER and refused to endorse his war crimes comments. Likewise, her Werneth colleague, SHOAB AKTHAR attended a protest demanding an immediate ceasefire. SHAH was unable to suspend them as it would have meant her majority control of Oldham Council would have been lost.
  6. Presented with SHAH’s leaflet, NYLA IBRAHIM refused to distribute it as part of her campaign. Rightly, she wanted a statement on Gaza reflecting her position and how she had opposed the conflict from the outset. SHAH refused as any likely statement would counter Labour’s official national position and damage her career prospects.
  7. Left with no choice, NYLA IBRAHIM has now submitted her application as an independent candidate. Supported by her ward colleague SHOAB AKTHAR, she waited until just before the deadline before hand delivering her forms. This leaves SHAH without a Labour Party candidate in Werneth!!!

In doing what they have, both NYLA IBRAHIM and SHOAB AKHTAR have refused to be complicit in manipulating their Muslim electorate and stood up against SHAH’s charade. Through their actions, they have also sacrificed their careers in the Labour Party having opted for truth over manipulation. Their bravery in openly opposing AROOJ SHAH’s tyranny is unprecedented and should not be underestimated.

IBRAHIM’s bold move marks a historic break from the party ranks in Oldham. As election day looms, I can only hope IBRAHIM and AKHTAR emerge unscathed from Oldham’s gangster infiltrated treacherous political landscape. As for AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party, I suspect worse is to come. Did someone say samosa?

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