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Shaw's Secret Squirrel Society Not So Secret Lifeline to Save Shah and Keep Labour in Power

Shaw's Secret Squirrel Society Not So Secret Lifeline to Save Shah and Keep Labour in Power

My understanding is that all independent groups have refused the offer of a coalition EXCEPT for the Shaw & Crompton Secret Squirrel Society. Though members of the public have contacted Cllr HINCE seeking reassurance, he has refused to issue a simple rebuttal confirming that there are no negotiations taking place with Labour leader AROOJ SHAH. If a deal is struck between AROOJ SHAH and MARC HINCE, it would take Labour’s numbers up to 29. And yes, for those of you that are scratching your heads, Cllr HINCE confirmed in writing prior to the local elections that he would not be getting into bed with AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party.

My own thoughts are that having been outmanoeuvred by HOWARD SYKES and the Lib Dems, and then exploited by KAMMY G and his sectarian Oldham Group, Cllr HINCE is now feeling humiliated. Never the most emotionally stable of individuals, I would not bet against him siding with SHAH. Especially as he used to be a very active Labour Party member himself.

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