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Secret Squirrel or Just Not So Secret Labour

Secret Squirrel or Just Not So Secret Labour

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Raja 🙏

Big Team Break Wind Whilst Shah Blows Billions

Taking combined expenses in excess of £120,000, the so called the Independent Group (TIG) of councillors composed of MARK HINCE, MAGGIE HURLEY & SANDRA BALL yet again failed to offer any meaningful opposition at last week's Budget meeting. Not only did they fail to submit any alternative budget proposals, the self described BIG TEAM were ridiculed by opposition councillors for claiming ignorance and they needed help to be able to submit an alternative budget.

Whilst HURLEY & BALL yet again sat in silence, with neither yet having stood up and spoken at a single full council meeting, their leader HINCE made a complete fool of himself by opening his mouth and showing his ignorance of what statutory functions Oldham Council are actually responsible to deliver and how this differs from the Parish Council he controls.

In the coming May elections, in addition to standing candidates in Shaw, Crompton, Failsworth West and Royton South, insiders have shared that the BIG TEAM are aiming to put up candidates in both Royton North and Failsworth East. The likelihood of their actions will see Labour victory in both these wards as the splitting of the opposition vote will only help SHAH keep control.

Raja Miah MBE
Independent Parliamentary Candidate
Oldham West, Chadderton & Royton

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