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More Secret Labour Rather Than Secret Squirrel

More Secret Labour Rather Than Secret Squirrel

After attempting and failing to sabotage a motion calling for a Judge led inquiry into the cover up of CSE in Oldham, Shaw councillor MARC HINCE (leader of the the Independent Group which includes Failsworth West councillor SANDRA BALL and prospective candidate MARK WILKINSON) has come to the defence of AROOJ SHAH.

SHAH, desperate to deflect from how she led her Labour Party team in voting down the latest attempt at an independent investigation into the cover up of the gang rape of little White girls in Oldham, is once again claiming she is the victim of racism. Immediately to her defence was the leader of TIG, MARC HINCE. This is what HINCE had to say;

'I have been absolutely appalled by those who whip up outrage and anger which quickly descends into unacceptable abuse with racist and misogynist connotations. In my view the rhetoric aimed at individuals in the chamber, in particular the current leader is nothing short of disgraceful.'

Now in power, Cllr MARC HINCE or his Failsworth West team of BALL & WILKINSON sadly do not seem as keen on speaking out on behalf of the survivors of the rape gangs who were targeted because they were White. Unlike Oldham Council leader AROOJ SHAH, these children were genuine victims of horrific racially motivated crimes.

As the election draws nearer, and SHAH becomes even more desperate, it seems more likely that should Labour lose control of Oldham Council, a deal will be done with HINCE and his fake independents to keep SHAH in power. Forget secret squirrel. HINCE, BALL & WILKINSON are looking more like not so secret Labour.
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