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From Klans to Cartels

From Klans to Cartels

Recusant Nine Transmission | Sunday | 2000hrs | 13:02:2022

The latest phase of the Boundaries Commission review is now complete. The consultation shows support is growing to move both the Muslim controlled wards of St Mary's and Alexandra out of Oldham East & Saddleworth and form a new 'compact urban constituency' in Oldham. This new constituency would include the existing Muslim areas of Coldhurst, Medlock Vale, Werneth and Chadderton North. There is no reference in the consultation of the community cohesion impact of these changes. Specifically, that through implementing these proposals, where 6 of the 9 wards are already almost exclusively represented by Muslim councillors, the new constituency not only risks disenfranchising the wider White community, it also strengthens the power of the Cartel controlled block Muslim vote.

According to the MP, JIM McMAHON, whose Party stands to benefit from Royton North & South being removed from the new 'compact urban constituency' and replaced with the block Muslim Labour Party vote areas of St Mary's and Alexandra, the raising of concerns of the consequences of these proposed changes,

'are intended to cause division and there is ample evidence that it has incited actions which have caused alarm and distress, including credible threats of violence and abuse.'

Contrary to McMAHON's threats and abuse of power, I think it is clear who has been causing division in our town through helping cover up the grooming and gang rape of Working Class White girls or writing references for mobsters convicted of violence.

I am no in doubt whatsoever, that if these boundary changes go ahead as planned, and Oldham's 6 Muslim majority wards are lumped together in one constituency, the consequences will be catastrophic for Oldham's wider White population, other minority groups and the anti Cartel Asian community.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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