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Crocodile Tears and Doctor No Show

Crocodile Tears and Doctor No Show

Just under 400 people joined me last night for Part 1 of my analysis of Wednesday's Oldham Council meeting. This is the link to view what took place at the last Council meeting before the elections. The number of councillors absent, especially from the Labour Party, was disgraceful.

I'm not at all surprised that Council leader AMANDA CHADDERTON and her team of corrupt Officers do what they do to try and stop people from attending these Full Council meetings. Once people get past laughing at the circus act performance of councillor after councillor badly reading pre scripted responses and avoiding answering questions, many people rightly end up angry at the clear contempt these people hold the townsfolk in.

I'm particularly looking forward to HARRY CATHERALL and PAUL ENTWISTLE's response to this Freedom of Information request. I am in no doubt, the banning of people from attending public meetings, as Oldham Council has undertaken with the assistance of Greater Manchester Police, is unlawful.

OLDHAM COUNCIL’S POLICIES on banning members of the general public from council meetings/offices/events - a Freedom of Information request to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
OLDHAM COUNCIL’S POLICIES ON BANNING MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC FROM COUNCIL OFFICES/EVENTS Dear Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, Over the last 12 months, Oldham Council has issued letters banning people from attending Council meetings can the Council please provide 1. A copy of the appropriate C…

This broadcast is 2hrs long. It took me 6hrs to prepare. I'm going to try and broadcast Part 2 on Sunday morning. That will take me another 4hrs to pull together before I provide my analysis. In total, breaking down the Council meeting so that people understand what took place will have taken me about 1 1/2 days of a typical working week of someone at the Council. And that's before the obvious question of if someone there could do what I do in the time that I am able to? No matter, I think it's valuable for people to see just what is really going on and just how badly this Council is run and the time I took doing this was well spent.

As in a number of other Council meetings, Dr ZAHID CHAUHAN, who announced his position of Deputy Mayor in Pakistan rather than in the Council chamber in Oldham, was again missing. If he is your councillor, I think you will have to contact him to find out the reason for his latest no show. Though, to be fair to him, he wasn't the only one not in attendance. I think an FOI request detailing Councillor attendance at these meetings will be enlightening.

Of course, come the all out elections in May, the people of Oldham could take out at least another half a dozen Labour Party politicians in addition to replacing the ones that resigned and ran away on Wednesday night. We might not be able to win in the Muslim block vote areas, but even in Oldham, there are plenty of areas where the Muslim block vote has no sway.

See you all on Sunday morning.

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