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Black Banners Rising

Chapter One

A new Caliphate

Black Banners Rising | A Jihadist Backpackers Guide to the Islamist Takeover of UK Towns & Cities | Introduction

Racists and Far Right activists will repeatedly tell those that entertain them that we want to take over the country and turn the United Kingdom into a Muslim land governed by Sharia Law. The most vocal and angry of these can regularly be found hiding behind the safety of online chat rooms and social media pages. These pitiful individuals spend their time cowering behind the cloak of anonymity whilst sharing their hatred of Muslims and blaming us for everything wrong in their lives.

At regular intervals, approximately once every decade, they will get themselves excited and fantasise over a new political party that emerges from the ashes of the previous failed one. Lured by new promises of finally putting a stop to a Muslim takeover and prioritising their indigenous ethnic group above others, they will work each other up into a frenzy as they discuss how, after sending us all back to where we came from, they will cleanse the country of multiculturalism before making it pure and great again.

Come election time, and that is if their new party makes it that far, the likelihood is that those that spent so much time salivating behind their knights templar avatars whilst dreaming of their new dawn, will not even bother making the effort to turn out and vote. After the predictable heavy defeat that follows, they will resort to blaming others, instead of holding themselves accountable, and return to their ineffective dark virtual spaces where they are destined to repeat the same process again and again.

In years yet to come, in a pattern identical to generation after generation before them, these individuals will no doubt be found in the last remaining pubs in neighbourhoods that no longer reflect the places they once called their own. Huddled, nursing dark and bitter drinks, they will whisper their prejudices to no one in particular and share their dread of a day fast approaching. When having become the majority, the Muslims will have enough numbers and finally take over. Powerless and accepting defeat, they will do no more than share their bigotry in the sorrowful company of like minded failures, desperate for the drink to numb the pain of a life wasted and the legacy of surrender.

Then, there is also the very small number that find the courage and seek to racialise a headline and take their rage onto the streets. Grandstanding their prejudices as part of a grand day out, these semi organised groups will fulfil their roles in the manner of a seasonal pantomime villain. Keen to make a mockery of them, the mainstream media will identify a suitable idiot and ridicule them on camera before sharing the footage with the world.

We’ve all seen these gatherings where overweight middle aged men attempt to reenact the glory days of their youth. Reminiscing their tales of the times they went out ‘paki bashing’, they can be found boasting to any one that will entertain them of their contribution to the heroic defence  of the country. If only they handed out war medals for chasing down a teenager down a back alley to handout out a well deserved beating, for a crime the bloodied victim most likely objected to as much as any decent human being, for no other reason than the colour of his skin. A look in the mirror or a glance down towards their bulging midriffs fighting to break free from their overstretched XXXL football tops would suggest they would more likely drop dead of a heart attack chasing a bus than ever perform a running drop kick at anyone ever again.

These frustrated mobs can be found corralled in at their lacklustre protests. Outnumbered 100 to 1 by the police, and with their reputations ‘earned’ from getting drunk and beating their rivals up in and around football stadiums, where there is not a single ethnic in sight, they soon enough get bored of their chants and turn their violence on whoever is closest, including at times, each other. Just by who they are and their hooligan-like behaviour, whatever legitimacy their claimed grievance may have had is lost before the first Saint George’s flag is unfurled. The chances are that they would choke on their cans of Special Brew* (alternative cheap lager brands also apply) if they knew that through their hate fuelled actions, they were actually making it easier for us to fulfil our aims.

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