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Introducing Black Banners Rising

Introducing Black Banners Rising

Over the course of the coming year I will publish a series of reflections that I have written under the title Black Banners Rising. Some will view these reflections as if it is the script to a dark comedy, my intended purpose, through the use of satire and mockery, to present something so shocking and unfathomable, it surely could not be true. Others may take my reflections at face value and indeed use it as a template to recreate what is taking place in new territories where the black banners are yet to expand. And yes, admittedly, there will be those that use what I have written to fuel already extremist views. Despite the Far Right being well established in the places I come from, with no need of any validation from a committed anti racist such as myself, I have no doubt that those that benefit from using racism as the all encompassing bogeyman, as a means of silencing legitimate grievances, will be quick to brand me as a bigot and a spreader of hate.

Then there is my intended audience for whom I have actually write for. The White Working Class, demonised and betrayed by an unrecognisable Labour Party to the one their grandparents and great grandparents declared fealty. The growing number of anti Cartel & anti Islamist Pakistani and Bangladeshis. Equally exploited by the Labour Party, and with their neighbourhoods comparable to the mobster run ghettos of 1930 New York, they live in fear of what will happen to them if they dare speak out against the gangster affiliated politicians that control their communities. And finally, the minority ethnic groups from the non Muslim communities cast aside as an irrelevance by the Labour Party because they do not have a substantial block vote to negotiate with.

Whether long settled from the Windrush era, integrated like the majority of those that originated from India, or more recently arrived and yet to mobilise, the injustices they endure are a genuine ticking time bomb for the next wave of race riots.

My intention is not just to share my frustrations and experiences but to also give voice to all of theirs too. My hope is that having carefully considered what I share, these people will be able to navigate the racist trap and work together to fight against the alliance of Islamists, fake liberals and corrupt politicians that now control their towns and cities as they also control mine. As for those with the power to make a difference, having invested so much and with too much to lose, I'm doubtful they will pay any heed other than run to the friends in the mainstream media to run yet another smear campaign, followed by calling their corrupt politician friends that control an equally corrupt police force and try to have me arrestedā€¦again. For ours is a truth that they cannot handle. Which is why they have extended so much effort in attempting to censor and silence us.

Whoever you are, and however it is that you approach these reflections, in part journal, part guidebook and part call to action, know that despite the combined efforts of Jim McMahon MP, aided by the block vote controlling Asian Cartels, senior Labour Party politicians, corrupt police officers and the fake liberal Metropolitan Elite in charge of the mainstream media, their attempts to censor and silence us that refuse to be silenced have failed. Ours is still a free country. And this nation still belongs to us.

A fundamental feature of a democracy, what sets us apart from the barbaric regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, is our right to free speech. In the United Kingdom, the rule of law still applies. And to avoid any doubt, the law here is not underpinned by the Sharia.

Despite the divisive narrative that the Labour Party and the fake liberals peddle, from across all communities and religious backgrounds, there are those that refuse to kneel in submission and unconditionally surrender before those that desire the destruction of our way of life. Or worse, if such a scenario can be imagined, sit silently whilst elected politicians sell out all that we hold dear in exchange for a sackful of postal votes and the turning a blind eye to the grooming and gang rape to the nation's children.

Raja Miah MBE

Over the coming year, my intention is to publish a chapter each month on the Recusant Nine website. Once complete, I will revise and edit accordingly before publishing both digital and paper copies. If we get the timings right, Black Banners Rising will be published in the lead up to the next General Election.

I'm grateful to all of the support that has enabled me to get this far. Would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to catching up with you all for the end of year review.

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