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Conservative Cartel Strategy Backfires As Oldham's Red Wall Is Restored

Conservative Cartel Strategy Backfires As Oldham's Red Wall Is Restored

There are no ifs or buts about last Thursday’s Hollinwood election results - Labour won with a toxic candidate from Delph who had no history or connections with Hollinwood. Despite only months earlier being chased out of Royton for her role in attempting to downplay the cover up of the gang rape of little White girls by Pakistani Rape Gangs, HANNAH ROBERTS still managed to win by just taking 10% of the votes available in a ward where 80% of people have given up on voting.  I don't blame these people. Just look at the alternatives they had.

The Tories, whose new strategy in Oldham is to try and play Cartel politics, put up a Pakistani candidate. You’ll have to ask them if they went campaigning in Limeside or any of the White Working Class areas. Their candidate, KAMRAN GHAFOOR, duly delivered the sackfuls of previously Labour postal votes from the Pakistani community.

In the week where there was national outrage at the death of 2 year old Awaab Ishak, after the shameful actions of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing's failure to fulfil its responsibility to provide a safe and habitable home, you will have to ask the likes of Cllrs ARNOTT, SHARP, QUIGG, WODDVINE, LANCASTER, McMANUS and their leaders GRAHAM SHELDON & PAM BYRNE, how comfortable they feel supporting a candidate such as GHAFOOR with the history he has.

Ex-Tory candidate rented out house unfit to live in
Kamran Ghafoor, who stood for the Oldham West and Royton seat in 2010, was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay £1,068 in costs after pleading guilty to an offence under section 30 of the Housing Act.

KAMRAN GHAFOOR felt the Magistrate's judgement against him was 'unfortunate'. This was after town hall inspectors had visited a property he rented out to be in a serious state of disrepair. The Council's housing lead had this to say;

All landlords have a responsibility to their tenants and must ensure that the properties they rent out are safe and healthy to live in. We will take action against those who think they can get away with letting sub standard properties.

GHAFOOR had not only ignored repeated written and verbal warnings to put right the horrendous condition of the property he rented out, he refused put right the faults even after he was issued with a legal notice requiring him to carry out repairs. This is just one of the photographs taken at the time. In what world is it acceptable to rent out properties that look like this?

Unfortunately for the successful Conservative businessman, with Labour exploiting the racial anti Pakistani divisions amongst both the Bangladeshi and Indian communities, he failed to secure the support of all of the Asian community. The Bangladeshis were easily convinced to vote for the old White woman instead of the Pakistani man. The Indians, with a favour to pay pack following the cheap land sale for their new temple, needed even less convincing to turn out and vote against a Pakistani Muslim Tory.

Oldham Council approves £5m Hindu temple plans
The current temple on Lee Street has been open since 1977 but is now too small for its congregation.

When it comes to Cartel politics, the Tories are late to the game and clueless on the intricacies of the dynamics within the Asian communities. Attempting to win via sweeping up on postal votes, a process in Asian communities well known as anti democratic and corrupt, only reflects both their hypocrisy and desperation.

The Lib Dems came last with an irrelevant 35 votes. Even the one man band, JOHN LAWRENCE, with his anti immigrant, anti Muslim ban halal meat rhetoric beat the pitiful Lib Dems by securing 59 votes. There are always candidates like JOHN LAWRENCE at elections. Each time they stand, the people of our town demonstrate very little appetite for the narrative they promote. Contrary to what some are claiming, 59 votes is not a platform to build on. It is an outright rejection of policies that have nothing to do with making a positive contribution to the lives of people in Hollinwood.

Which brings me to the Oldham Borough Indpendent not quite yet a  registered political party. If ever there was a name coined out of a focus group involving a bunch of double speaking duplicitous individuals, this is it. A product of the hastily rebranded Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth Party, where the majority of its most credible candidates walked away from the PAUL ERROCK and DEBBIE COLE double act, this new party went and recruited VICKY WHITEHEAD to represent them. Nothing but a proxy, and set up to fail by those on nothing but their own ego trips, she got 150 votes.

Ignore the primary school grammar and the GCSE project leaflet design. Explain to me how a local councillor can campaign to get banks to return to Hollinwood? It just shows a level of political ignorance and naivety that the Labour Party lapped up. I'm not blaming Ms WHITEHEAD. I genuinely felt sorry for her and admire her courage. I'm holding those that used her responsible for failing to educate her on how local democracy works.

The Hollinwood by-election result is a crossroads moment in the politics of Oldham. Without an educated, co-ordinated and strategic opposition, in every other ward in Oldham, Labour will re establish their complete dominance of the town.

This is the link to last night’s transmission. Watch for yourselves and tell me my analysis is inaccurate.

I’m not here to make friends. I have friends. I’m here to educate, co-ordinate and help end the tyrannical rule of the despot JIM McMAHON MP and his corrupt Labour Party administration. I’ve demonstrated in election after election the difference that can be made through the Recusant Nine platform. It’s why Oldham  Council and their partners have been trying so desperately to silence me.

The option for the people of across the 20 wards of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham is a simple one. Go to the all outs in May as you are, and face a repeat of the annihilation in Hollinwood, or accept the reason why there is a resistance is because of the Recusant Nine led campaign and support my work.

The Recusant Nine transmissions are scheduled to end this Xmas. We have just 4 Sunday night transmissions remaining. Unfortunately with our current numbers still below 150, we are still not even half way to securing 300 people who will commit to 75p a week to help keep us going.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

I’m grateful to all of you who have offered to set up crowdfunding pages or have contacted me with offers of several hundred pounds a month to keep going to the election in May. I’m sorry, I cannot accept your generosity. If I cannot get up to 300 people to sign up for anything from 75p a week so that I can get to £1,000 a month then for me this chapter is ended.

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