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As McMahon Continues to Lie, Abrahams Demands the Prime Minister Intervene and Help Them Hide

As McMahon Continues to Lie, Abrahams Demands the Prime Minister Intervene and Help Them Hide

MPs Exposed in Grooming Gang Cover Up Resort to Accusing Townsfolk as Racists & Far Right Activists

It is a matter of public record that DEBBIE ABRAHAMS, MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth, doctored evidence in a failed attempt to have me falsely prosecuted after I exposed her comparative failure to fight for justice for Working Class White girls that were groomed and gang raped from the gates of schools in her own constituency in the way she fights for the rights of people in faraway Kashmir.

It is also a matter of public record that JIM McMAHON, MP for Oldham West & Royton, has attempted to have me prosecuted on multiple occasions. His most recent attempt to malign my good name involved attempting to incriminate me in the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's car.

That both McMAHON and Greater Manchester Police went silent after the video was leaked of what really happened to the former Oldham Council leader's car will no doubt one day make viewing on a programme such as Panorama.

Following the recent elections, where we spearheaded a campaign which reduced Labour's majority in Oldham to just 5 seats including helping defeat the mobster affiliated AROOJ SHAH, both McMAHON and ABRAHAMS wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Conservative Party. Using parliamentary letterheaded paper, they made a series of fabricated allegations regarding myself and the people of my home town.

Below is a link to a line by line deconstruction of every one of their lies. There is a reason why McMAHON and ABRAHAMS have acted the way they have. Just as there is a reason why one of AMANDA CHADDERTON's first meetings as new Oldham Council leader was with JIM McMAHON to discuss how to silence the growing numbers in the town refusing to remain silent to their corruption. Their strategy of using malicious bloggers to falsely accuse decent people of being racists, or contacting employers and attempting to have innocent people sacked from their jobs, has failed. The people of Oldham have refused to cower or be intimidated.

As each day passes, and more and more people from across Oldham and further beyond learn the truth of what they have done and how ordinary Working Class folk have stood their ground and repeatedly defeated them, McMahon, Abrahams, Amanda Chadderton and the machinery of the national Labour Party fear us more than we have need to fear them. Should we force a reckoning in Oldham, where else will people rise against their tyranny?

Sheldon's Silence

Ordinarily, instead of me, the leader of the Oldham Conservatives, GRAHAM SHELDON, should have come to your defence. Unfortunately, whilst happy to take his £15,000 opposition leader's allowance (on top of his £10,000 basic), GRAHAM appears to lack a spine. If he had one, he would have written to the Conservative Chairman himself and shared with OLIVER DOWDEN MP what is really going on in Oldham. He would also discipline a number of his Saddleworth Conservative Councillors who have given oxygen to McMAHAN and ABRAHAMS allegations that Oldhamers are racist and Far Right activists.

Meanwhile, if it was true that I, a former Labour Party member, had any involvement, never mind control, over Oldham's Conservatives, as is being claimed by McMAHAN and ABRAHAMS, I would make sure that their first motion at July's Council meeting would be to demand that the government is called in to take over the running of this now proven corrupt, in bed with criminals, and above all, peadophile protecting, Labour Party run Oldham Council.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


With the mainstream media behaving in a manner in the style of the Stasi from 1950s East Germany, and the in accelerated Special Measures Greater Manchester Police exposed for their complicity in the cover up of organised crime, the Recusant Nine platform has become a beacon of hope for a townsfolk that have been betrayed by those in positions of authority that lead us.

Instead of serving our town, they have been found to have been serving themselves. Instead of protecting our communities, they have been found to have been protecting criminals. Instead of safeguarding our children, they have been exposed for safeguarding votes.

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