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Where Pakistani Grooming Gangs are Protected and Children Continue to be Molested

GM Mayor ANDY BURNHAM forced to admit further delays In publishing findings into AROOJ SHAH's Labour Party run Oldham Council cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children
Where Pakistani Grooming Gangs are Protected and Children Continue to be Molested

GM Mayor ANDY BURNHAM forced to admit further delays In publishing findings into AROOJ SHAH's Labour Party run Oldham Council cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children

At the 3rd November 2021 full Council meeting, responding to a clearly planted question from her ally, the failed journalist, malicious blogger, outright misogynist, and proven liar, NEIL WILBY, the Pakistani Muslim leader of Oldham Council, AROOJ SHAH, claimed that the much delayed Oldham grooming gang report would be published by the end of the year.

I am assured by Mayor Burnham that the report will be published by the end of the year. What I can promise is that when it is published we will welcome its findings, reflect on any lessons we can learn from past practice and aim to make the support we give victims of abuse better. At the heart of this review is reinstating trust and confidence in safeguarding procedures...
Arooj Shah, Leader of Oldham Council

Unfortunately, just days later at a GM Mayor Q&A session in Oldham, when pressed for when the report will finally be released, ANDY BURNHAM contradicted SHAH and provided a revised date of 24th January 2022.

With AROOJ SHAH's stone eyed gaze fixed firmly forwards, the GM Mayor confirmed, as previously revealed via Recusant Nine transmissions, that the Oldham bolt on to his inquiry has run into a series of complex obstacles. This included that witnesses had yet to sign off their testimonies, without which the findings could not be published.  

As already exposed, the hold up was in part because BURNHAM's Review Team, led by GARY RIDGEWAY & MALCOLM NEWSMAN, had failed to record interviews and instead had been cherry picking selective parts of people's testimonies. Understandably, several key witnesses had refused to sign off documents presented to them as the transcriptions presented to them did not accurately represent what they had stated when interviewed. Unfortunately, for ANDY BURNHAM, matters are actually worse than a few doctored testimonies as he was also forced to admit that his team now also needed QC guidance before they could proceed any further.

With the report now over 12 months overdue, BURNHAM's deputy, and Police & Crime Commissioner, BEVERLEY HUGHES suggested that Oldhamers prepare for the worst as she shared evidence of failings that were...

'...rife through the professional groups that should have been protecting children....At any one time, we have across Greater Manchester, I'm afraid to say, hundreds of these investigations....this is another EPIDEMIC actually, in terms of the ABUSE of our children...'

Baroness Beverley Hughes, Deputy Greater Manchester Mayor

Those that have followed this story from the beginning will recall that AROOJ SHAH, after first helping deny the disclosures, led in sabotaging a motion calling for the government to intervene and take over the botched Oldham Council CSE investigation. This followed revelations of how her Labour Party run Council had kept hidden from the public that her colleague Cllr ROD BLYTH had been convicted for Child Sexual Exploitation. Her compatriot, and at the time leader, SEAN FIELDING, infamous for his 'bare faced lies' speech had also accused victims and their families of lying.

In what can be only devastating news for AROOJ SHAH and her Council, it is now almost certain that in Oldham, in an identical pattern to other Labour Party run towns with a high Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Muslim demographic, large numbers of White Working Class girls were groomed, gang raped and trafficked by organised gangs of criminals from these backgrounds whilst the authorities stood back and allowed the abuse to take place. I fear that once the extent and scale of what has taken place is finally revealed, the consequences will be catastrophic for community relations in what is already one of the most segregated towns in the country.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I have been very clear on what I believe has taken place in Oldham. This includes;

  • epidemic levels of Working Class White girls were groomed, gang raped and then trafficked by members of the Asian Cartels. Targeting care homes, youth clubs and school gates, predominantly Pakistani, occasionally Bangladeshi and almost exclusively Muslim men developed a sophisticated network through which they were free to abuse children in open sight and with the full knowledge of the police  
  • the abhorrent abuse suffered by these girls was ignored by the fake liberal metropolitan elite who hold all the key positions in the public sector support agencies. For decades, this demographic has held deep rooted prejudices against Working Class White communities and treated them as trash.
  • a subsequent systematic cover up led by predominantly White Labour Party politicians dependent on a block Muslim vote to maintain power. Citing reasons including 'community relations', politicians including the Oldham MPs JIM McMAHON and DEBBIE ABRAHAMS appeared either focused on concentrating their efforts hanging out in mosques and eating samosas or grandstanding for the rights of the people of Kashmir. Their failure to fight on behalf of the town's children was not through ignorance. It was the result of something else entirely.

I remain doubtful whether ANDY BURNHAM's Inquiry into the cover up of the Grooming Gangs in Oldham will be finally released for the end of January 2022. Or if the authors will be brave enough to reveal the scale of not just how many children were abused but also the reasons why and who was responsible. Ominously, the Greater Manchester Mayor ANDY BURNHAM, has already suggested that another of the reasons for the delay in publishing the report is making sure it is truthful.

'We can't publish a report that factually won't stand scrutiny'

With what we know so far, if the Inquiry publishes its findings before the May elections, it would result in not just the end of AROOJ SHAH's mobster endorsed reign as leader of Oldham Council, it would mark the beginning of the end for JIM McMAHON and DEBBIE ABRAHAMS MP.

After repeatedly accusing the people of the town of being racists for their refusal to remain silent to the grooming and gang rape of the town's children, it now appears that the real racists are Oldham's leading politicians and their Council for attempting to cover up the most horrendous of crimes against Working Class White girls by gangs of predominantly Pakistani, occasionally Bangladeshi and almost exclusively Muslim men.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

Raja Miah MBE

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