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When The Aggressors Are Black, Why Is Racism The Last Reason Given For The Attack?

When The Aggressors Are Black, Why Is Racism The Last Reason Given For The Attack?

It will have not gone unnoticed that it was only following community pressure and being shamed online across the world that Superintendent PHILLIP HUTCHINSON and his team of proven Pakistani Rape Gang protectors at Greater Manchester Police finally make an arrest in the savage attack of a WHITE school girl at the Co Operative Academy in Failsworth.

Unfortunately for Greater Manchester Police, the people of Oldham have come too far to fall for this carefully worded press release. Although it likes to focus on how one 15 year old had been arrested, from reading between the lines it is apparent that this person was released without charge or bail! As to the claim of 'proactive policing', regardless of how far people have come, the Superintendent clearly thinks you're all stupid. Just what is proactive about responding to the mother reporting the crime and turning up to the school and asking the headteacher to hand over the attackers?

Equally concerning, note how there is no reference to whether or not the attack was racially motivated. This only sets off further alarm bells that the police are attempting another cover up for no other reason other than that the victim was White and the attackers Black. If it wasn't racially motivated just say so. Why the refusal to comment?

In a long list of concerns drawn from the press release, the worts for Superintendent PHILLIP HUTCHINSON are his final words. He essentially threatens the public. Put aside his claim has zero legal basis, this attempt to shut down the public from expressing their concern is outrageous.

'I would like to remind people that they shouldn't be sharing this video or commenting on it as it forms part of a live investigation.'

Why shouldn’t they be sharing or commenting Mr Policeman? It’s not unlawful? So why? Is it because it makes you and your team of proven Pakistani Rape Gang protectors uncomfortable? Would you rather it all go away just like you’d rather your police force’s role in the cover up of the gang rape of little White girls by gangs of Pakistani men go away?

And if there was any doubt to this deceitful senior police officer's malicious attempts to scare people from either sharing the video and/or commenting on it, this is the link to the Manchester Evening News article where its Chief reporter NEAL KEELING does exactly that - share the video and comment on the attack. So go on Superintendent PHILLIP HUTCHINSON, are you going to go and arrest the reporter or the editor of the paper? Are you bugger like.

Arrest after footage shows schoolgirls beating victim in horror attack
GMP say a girl has been arrested after the video was circulated in Failsworth

The truth is, for far too long, ours has been a town where attacks against White Working Class communities by ethnic minorities has been hidden and covered up. The consequences of this prejudiced policy is evident for all to see. As is the ethnic backgrounds of the WHITE officials such as Superintendent PHILLIP HUTCHINSON that are complicit in attempting to prevent the airing of legitimate grievances.

This is the link to a Recusant Nine transmission that exposes the inequality in Oldham into how crimes are investigated where the victim is White and the attackers Black. More significantly, I share my insights as to why this is taking place and who benefits from it. I suggest you view it before it is censored.

What should happen next is that the Failsworth Independent Party councillors publicly demand an immediate apology from Chief Superintendent CHRIS BOWEN for the actions of his inept and out of control Superintendent who is attempting to unlawfully suppress and censor members of the public. Superintendent PHILLIP HUTCHINSON should also be disciplined for his actions. Over to Cllr BRIAN HOBIN and his team. Hopefully Brian and his team have the courage to stand up for the community that elected them.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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