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When Pride Comes First, The Fall Comes Next

When Pride Comes First, The Fall Comes Next

Recusant Nine Transmission | 2100hrs | Sunday | 24:10:2021

It's been a week of immense drama. From the Prime Minister standing up in parliament and making reference to events in Greater Manchester (as in Oldham) to JIM McMAHON's attempt backfiring on him after he maliciously attempted exploiting his position as Shadow Minister in an attempt to use an Islamist terrorist attack to try and silence townsfolk that have spoken out against the grooming and gang rape of the town's children.

There is also the small matter of a parting of ways with Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth. As always, I'll let people make up their own minds.

There is an email with the link to this evening's transmission in the inboxes of subscribers to the website. It can also be found in the subscriber only section below. Subscription is £5 per month and I make no excuses for trying to keep my lights on. I'm not a Councillor or MP that can claim expenses nor am I a journalist that is paid for the work I do.

For those that cannot subscribe, the edited prerecorded version will be shared later in the week, free for everyone to view.

It is nine minutes past nine and we have arrived late...

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


Despite ongoing attempts at censorship, intimidation, threats of violence and attempts of murder, I continue to expose Council corruption and the association between the town’s leading politicians and criminal cartels in my hometown of Oldham. If you find what I share of value, and only if you are able to, please consider buying me a coffee, contributing via PayPal or subscribing to the website




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