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Unveiling Betrayal: More Truths Behind Oldham's CSE Cover Up

Unveiling Betrayal: More Truths Behind Oldham's CSE Cover Up

A damning statement by MAGGIE OLIVER, renowned for her advocacy in supporting survivors of the rape gangs, has shed light on the concerning lack of consultation with her and her foundation regarding Oldham Council's claims at Wednesday night's council meeting.

"I want to make it clear that I have not spoken to anyone at Oldham Council about this matter and no permission was given by me, or anyone at the Foundation, to mention us in the meeting last night." - Maggie Oliver
Statement on Oldham Council Debate on Child Sexual Abuse - The Maggie Oliver Foundation
In Oldham Council’s meeting on 12th July, Maggie Oliver and The Maggie Oliver Foundation were mentioned in a debate relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Lies, deceit or manipulation:

MAGGIE OLIVER is clear, neither she nor her foundation were pleased with Council leader AROOJ SHAH and Royton South Lazarus Labour politician STEVEN 'Barrelgate' BASHFORTH using them as part of their speeches blocking another attempt at a Public Inquiry into the cover up of the gang rape of the town's children.

Furthermore, not satisfied with criticising Oldham Council for their manipulation, MAGGIE OLIVER went further and unequivocally condemned the Oldham Assurance Review. By highlighting one of its critical failings, the suppression of survivors' testimonies, the country's leading CSE survivor's advocate has sided with campaigners that have criticised ANDY BURNHAM's Assurance Review in Oldham for its serious failings.

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