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Shah, Samosas & the Power of Mango Chutney

Shah, Samosas & the Power of Mango Chutney

In a desperate but not at all surprising attempt to silence the opposition to her gangster endorsed rule over the town, Oldham Council leader AROOJ SHAH is claiming Conservative councillor LEWIS QUIGG is part of a far right campaign of racially charged harassment and intimidation against her.

The evidence she presents against Cllr QUIGG, whom Pakistani gangsters had previously followed home and SHAH herself had attempted to secure CCTV footage of his whereabouts and details of who he was meeting, is remarkable, even for Oldham.

The question now is whether the position of councillor will safeguard Cllr QUIGG from having his door kicked down in a dawn raid and arrested by SHAH's partners at Greater Manchester Police. And if so, whether the CPS will charge Cllr QUIGG for daring use the terms samosa, mango chutney and making reference to the Glodwick area of Oldham.

The full transmission will be up later today on my YouTube channel. Honestly, you could not make this up if you tried. Welcome to Oldham.

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