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Red Wall and the Rabble

Red Wall and the Rabble

This is a story of what really happened in JIM McMAHON's Labour Party controlled town of Oldham.  It is a story of a cross community working class insurgency that led the fight against a corrupt Council that covered up the grooming and gang rape of the town's children. It is also a story of how two successive Labour Party leaders were defeated at the ballot box. You will not find this version of events shared in the mainstream media. To these people, we are nothing but racists and far right rabble. But to our townsfolk, to the people we fight alongside, we are something else entirely.

The Greatest Danger

On the 6th May 2021, SEAN FIELDING, the at time leader of Oldham Council, was defeated in the previously safe seat of Failsworth West. For the last 18 months, the up until now shining star and going places young leader had been the focus of a sustained grassroots community campaign. In the end, FIELDING's loyalty to JIM McMAHON and the Labour Party, ahead of loyalty to the children of the town, cost him his political career. No one believed him or his 'bare faced lies' claim. And as now proven, Oldham Council had covered up the grooming and gang rape of the town's children.

Civil disobedience, as I put it to the audience, was not the problem, despite the warnings of some that it threatened social stability, that it led to anarchy. The greatest danger, I argued, was civil obedience, the submission of individual conscience to governmental authority. Such obedience led to the horrors we saw in totalitarian states, and in liberal states it led to the public's acceptance of war whenever the so-called democratic government decided on it... - Howard Zinn

When the mainstream media reported of his demise, instead of sharing the truth of what actually had taken place, of how Fielding had tried to intimidate whistleblowers and victims alike, or of how he had paid for the leaflets of an opposition candidate in an attempt to split the vote and retain his seat; the likes of HANNAH AL-OTHMAN from the Sunday Times headlined a smear campaign attempting to portray his defeat as a consequence of a Q Anon, fake news style Far Right smear campaign.

Undeterred by the former Labour Party press officer AL-OTHMAN malicious slurs, and with lockdown now lifted, we knew that in order to build on our success, we needed to expand on our online campaign and take our message directly to the people of Oldham. We knew, that for the next election, a social media campaign on its own was not going to be enough. We needed to meet people face to face.

Whilst AL-OTHMAN (Sunday Times), CUMMINGS (Tortoise Media) & the designer silk pyjama wearing to work JOSHI HERMANN (the Mill) were busy ranting racist on their own pay per view platforms, we started to campaign in and amongst the communities of Oldham where we knew we could help defeat the Labour Party. This was our town. These were our people. Familiar terrain to us, we knew where we could go and where we would make a difference. Despite their vast reach and deep pockets, for these members of the fake liberal metropolitan elite, Oldham may as well have been a backwater village in Afghanistan. But to us, to us, this was our home. We knew every community. We had people on every street. And so, with battle lines drawn, a political insurgency of the kind never seen before in the town commenced. In 2021, we had defeated FIELDING. Who could we take out in 2022?

The announcement of AROOJ SHAH as the new Labour Party leader helped amplify our campaign. Instilled, with the blessing of JIM McMAHON, as SEAN FIELDING's successor, we opened a new front in our battle to take back our town. Knowing, if we could reach enough people, AROOJ SHAH's appointment as leader would prove disastrous for the Labour Party, we launched a crowdfunding campaign of a kind never seen before in Oldham.

Mates With Mobsters

Despite the first platform taking our campaign down (no doubt after pressure from any combination of the Labour Party, Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Council), Crowdfunder, to their credit, allowed our campaign to run on their platform. With the £1,140 that we raised, the people of Oldham took on the might of the national machinery of JIM McMAHON's Labour Party.

Thank you to everyone that contributed. We had enough money to print 2 sets of leaflets and also fund a series of digital adverts. I'm particularly grateful to the team of volunteers that helped me deliver 15,000 leaflets across Oldham.

The first leaflet was delivered to homes across South Chadderton in March. Our intention was to more than just to derail AROOJ SHAH's re election campaign. We timed our distribution to go out just before all of the candidates were announced. Our intention was to set the narrative for the entire election. It worked. Instead of fighting the opposition, all across Oldham, the Labour Party found themselves fighting the rabble.

The second set of leaflets went out just days before the election. As well as doubling down on AROOJ SHAH, we named her fellow Labour Party councillors that had supported her in blocking the Conservative motion to call in the government to take over ANDY BURNHAM's repeatedly delayed CSE investigation. Our target was no longer just SHAH. We were targeting every Labour Party councillor up for re election that was involved in the cover up. Which is also why this second leaflet was distributed in both South Chadderton and also other areas of the town where our analysis showed the Labour Party was at risk.

The leaflets were delivered in a style taken from tactics deployed by T.E. Lawrence. Those familiar with their history will know Lawrence was a British intelligence officer serving in the Middle-East during the First World War. Responsible for co-ordinating the operations of the Arab rebellion against Turkish rule, he deployed a number of well established guerrilla tactics through which he successfully fought far superior forces.

Granted mobility, security (in the form of denying targets to the enemy), time, and doctrine (the idea to convert every subject to friendliness), victory will rest with the insurgents...

Thinking they had done enough to censor me via the corrupt D.S CHRISTOPHR DEAN's threats to arrest me should I campaign against SHAH, Labour Party strategists had been lulled into a false sense of security. After taking out the Detective Sergeant and his 'in accelerated special measures', proven corrupt, proven paedophile protectors Greater Manchester Police force with a online petition demanding ANDY BURNHAM launch an investigation into Operation Hexagon, we were free to get on with the lawful business of campaigning before an election!

Sign the Petition
Call on GM Mayor ANDY BURNHAM to launch an Inquiry into GMP Operation Hexagon

The Labour Party did not know what hit them. Completely caught by surprise, a local Party figure was forced to admit 'people were in denial about whether he would do it or not'. These imbeciles, for reasons only they know, believed our online reach had fallen and we would not take our campaign onto the streets of South Chadderton. How wrong they were, on both counts.

Just days before the election, the Labour Party were forced to call in national reinforcements after being shamed into admitting it was 50-50 whether SHAH would survive. And when they arrived, instead of fighting the opposition candidate, ROBERT BARNES, they found themselves fighting Recusant Nine. In fact, we had riled them so much, AROOJ SHAH's last election leaflet focused on us instead of either her opponent, or more importantly, herself!

Once the Fire is Raging, It’s Time to Attack

Meanwhile, whilst the Labour Party rallied their reinforcements in Chadderton South, we, using the tactics of a traditional insurgency style campaign, switched our focus of attack elsewhere. And we did so with equally devastating consequences.

We knew that to maximise damage to the Labour Party, we needed to associate other at risk Labour Party politicians with SHAH and her entourage. Instead of just attacking AROOJ SHAH in Chadderton South. We used AROOJ SHAH as a weapon to attack the Labour Party in Royton North, Royton South and St James.

Both Royton councillors HANNAH ROBERTS and MARIE BASFORTH were vulnerable as a consequence of their failures over CSE, their links with NEIL WILBY and the demographics of their wards. With no Cartels here, we could take them out. The situation was actually worse in St James. The existing Labour councillor, GINNY ALEXANDRA, had already refused to stand again and the Party had been forced to draft in a candidate from Delph. The last time many people had seen Cllr ALEXANDRA had been in the background of the final Council meeting prior the election. It had been when AROOJ SHAH had admitted to the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of the town's children. The horror etched on her face, as SHAH admitted to the cover up, will remain a defining image of ALEXANDRA's political career.

Neither ROBERTS or BASHFORTH had anywhere to hide. They had damned themselves through their actions. Just what exactly were they going to say on the doorsteps of Royton when asked about AROOJ SHAH's association with DALE CREGAN's convicted heroin dealing getaway driver? Or how were they going to explain their own associations with NEIL WILBY, or defend claims that the grooming and gang rape of the town's children was not an issue with voters in Royton?

Not at all a surprise then, that HANNAH ROBERTS is now a former councillor after the Conservative candidate LEWIS QUIGG bucked the national trend and took her out in Royton North. Yes, this is the same 'Royton' which forms part of JIM McMAHON's Oldham West and Royton constituency. Sadly, both BASHFORTH (Royton South) and 'BARBIE' MUNROE (St James) survived only because of the split vote as a consequence of Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth and other fringe independents fielding candidates that never had a chance of winning.

The Victorious Win First and Then go to War

AROOJ SHAH and Oldham Labour's election strategy involved launching their tired and predictable last minute campaign where they only engaged with the public once they wanted something from them. And when engaging with the public, they sought to exploit them with the tired old rhetoric of Tory scum and attacking Boris. Effective elsewhere, in Oldham it was destined to fail for a simple reason. An increasing number of Oldhamers were now politically educated.

They saw right through McMAHON's strategy of trying to win an election on issues that local Councils have no powers to change. Party gate may be relevant in Westminster, but in Oldham, the townsfolk knew what they had the power to change, who to hold accountable, and most significantly, what mattered to them the most. So when JIM McMAHON's Labour Party machinery rolled into town, believing they could do as they did in Labour Party strongholds elsewhere, their strategy spectacularly backfired. Even on election day, where McMAHON was seen desperately driving around in a car screaming out of a loudhailer attacking the national Conservative government, the Labour Party were still none the wiser as to what they had done wrong.

For several years, long before the announcement of any election, our strategy had focused on educating the townsfolk on what local government actually was. Using the Recusant Nine platform, through a combination of almost daily posts, articles, podcasts, vlogs and online seminars, we had educated tens of thousands of people. In the lead up to the election we broadcast a series of transmissions detailing where Labour was weak and which opposition candidates had the best chance of 'decapitating' them. Our actions had prepared an entire town, and the town was ready.

Whilst across England the Labour Party made massive gains, in Oldham, a traditional Labour Party stronghold, we helped take out six of their councillors including their leader. It could, and should, have been more. We had a target of nine.

My Brother Jamal

Our campaign also took the opportunity to use JIM McMAHON MP as a weapon against the local Labor Party. We knew beforehand that he would be leading the campaign to defend AROOJ SHAH. He might be a Shadow Minister but we had a plan of making sure his presence would actually cost the Labour Party votes. It did. We knew the samosa nibbler would be forced to defend his Cartel power base in Coldhurst. We were expecting him to be pictured alongside a mono ethnic group of Bangladeshi men. When it came, the video footage Brother Jamal and the OBA CARTEL gave us was more than we could have ever hoped for. It was like winning the lottery.

We shared it across a network of social media accounts reaching an audience of tens of thousands across Oldham. We know the impact it had. Labour Party voters, especially White and Working Class, who could not bring themselves to vote Conservative, instead voted for opposition candidates or stayed at home.

We took the strategy of the Cartel block vote working most in areas of low voter engagement and used it to our advantage across Labour Party strongholds throughout Oldham. In effective, we created a White block vote. Anti McMAHON and anti CARTEL, not only did it help decimate Labour Party candidates in both Failsworth wards and also Saddleworth West & Lees, we used it to mobilise the White Working Class to be the difference in Coldhurst. Here, record numbers of White voters helped carry the Coldhurst Independent MONTAZ ALI AZAD to a remarkable victory in the samosa nibbler's own back yard.

The expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him

Separate to campaigning directly in communities across Oldham, we also knew that as the election came closer, the tyrants that control our town would call in their allies. Here also, we were prepared, we were waiting, and we had a plan.

1. The Oldham Times

They didn't know it at the time but we knew what ERIN LYONS and her Council propaganda team at the paedophile protecting OLDHAM TIMES would do. We were prepared for them and used them to our advantage. Without realising, they added fuel to our fire and helped amplify our voice in a way we never would have been able to.

The reputation of this Bolton based newspaper now lies in tatters. After failing in their attempt to help hide AROOJ SHAH's admission that Oldham Council covered up the grooming and gang rape of the town's children, they set about giving AROOJ SHAH air time that our leaflet was racist and misogynistic. At no point did they specify how or in any way evidence any of these malicious slurs.

ERIN LYONS attempt to run cover for her newspaper's paymasters failed in spectacular fashion. Instead of the outrage towards the factual content in the Recusant Nine leaflet, in huge numbers people attacked the Oldham Times for failing to substantiate the allegations.

The Oldham Times were also forced to turn off comments on their social media pages within minutes of publishing their propaganda piece attempting to portray AROOJ SHAH as a victim of a racist and misogynistic campaign. Three years in to their Recusant Nine journey, townsfolk easily saw through what privileged White fake liberal such as LYONS and her team of metropolitan elite reporters were about. No longer would they allow themselves to be so easily intimidated and falsely branded as far right activists.

2. GM Mayor Andy Burnham

When the self appointed deadline of the repeatedly delayed CSE report came and went in January 2022, we immediately began to lobby for what became the 2nd CSE motion calling for the government to intervene. We wanted to make sure that the last Council meeting before the election was not just explosive, we wanted to expose them. As predicted, AROOJ SHAH played her part exactly as we had anticipated and for a second time, the Labour Party run council voted down calls to bring in central government. But we were not finished there. We submitted expertly constructed public questions and cornered the now vulnerable leader and forced her in to her admission. Not only had Oldham Council covered up the historical grooming and gang rape of the town's children, children were still being abused now!

What we exposed left a mark on the townsfolk. People were angry. They made their own minds up that the latest delay was politically motivated and intended to try and save Labour Party politicians before May's election. We did next to nothing when ANDY BURNHAM and the OLDHAM TIMES attempted to reassure people, just days before the election, that the report would be published in June. It did not matter to the people of Oldham if BURNHAM's claims were true or not. They just saw it as another attempt to manipulate them. The reaction was inevitable. It made people even angrier. Where before, they were going to stay at home and not vote, BURNHAM's attempt to manipulate Oldhamers enraged them enough to go out and vote. And they voted Conservative!

3. Greater Manchester Police

We also knew, particularly because of the reference to the samosa nibbler, that Oldham Council's proven paedophile protector partners at GMP would also try and intervene. They did. As with the Oldham Times reaction, we knew what would happen when we shared the police actions with the public. Once again, our strategy worked. People across the town were outraged that ANDY BURNHAM's 'in accelerated special measures' Greater Manchester Police force were trying to intervene in the democratic process. DS CHRISTOPHER DEAN is just another careerist whose career now lies in tatters because of his actions.

Sign the Petition
Call on GM Mayor ANDY BURNHAM to launch an Inquiry into GMP Operation Hexagon

Even when the police contacted me, they only did so to make me aware that they had received complaints regarding the imprint on my leaflets. DS ANDY DAY refused to clarify if or how I had broken the law, no doubt uneasy at his previous failed attempt to prosecute me under the Misrepresentation of People's Act. DS DAY is not a stupid man. He was fully aware that by contacting me, it was clear that the imprint had fulfilled its intention - to identify who produced the leaflet.

Greater Manchester Police had already previously incriminated themselves in their role 'investigating' the firebombing of AROOJ SHAH's car. Through their political interference, any claim of acting 'without fear or favour' has been further discredited in Oldham. An increasing number of the town now consider GMP to be corrupt and in the pockets of bent Labour Party politicians and members of the Asian Cartels.

4. The Malicious Blogger

In between reporting me to the Electoral Commission and the Attorney General for having a cup of coffee, and providing us all with endless entertainment, what NEIL WILBY actually did was cost the Labour Party votes. If I had pockets deep enough, I would ensure that WILBY continues to provide a valuable service to the people of Oldham. Unfortunately, it appears that one of the first instructions issued by Oldham Council's new leader, AMANDA CHADDERTON, was to distance her Council from the proven liar. With only McMAHON left as his sole ally, I do not expect it will be long before WILBY turns on his former friends at Oldham Council.

5. The Criminals and their Cartels

Predictably, AMANDA CHADDERTON, the new leader of Oldham Council, appears to be picking up where AROOJ SHAH left off and claiming that the Labour Party 'came up against a racist, misogynistic and increasingly personal campaign from the opposition'. If CHADDERTON continues with this position, it is inevitable that she will follow her two predecessors in May 2023.

The simple fact is that the hate campaign she references actually involved supporters of the Labour Party. From AROOJ SHAH's convicted heroin dealing accomplish of the cop killer DALE CREGAN (who by the way could only have been invited to the Count on behalf of a Labour Party councillor) to their breach of purdah and their ongoing misogyny towards Asian women, the Labour Party is simply toxic across large parts of Oldham. The consequences of Labour's closeness to mobsters and the pandering to prejudices within the Asian communities has already cost them dearly. More so in the White areas of the town where their councillors are more at risk.

Outside of the Cartel controlled Asian wards, everywhere else large groups of Asian men went campaigning alongside a Labour Party candidate cost the Labour Party votes. We are now 3 years into the Recusant Nine journey. The town is now no longer ignorant to the Asian Cartels and their affiliation with the Labour Party. 3 years on, Oldham is now a very different town.

A Working Class Insurgency

The little money we had left over from the crowd funder was used on Facebook adverts in the days leading up to the election. Tens of thousands engaged in these posts and the free to air live transmissions that accompanied them. We knew turn out at the election would be low. We used this to our advantage. The difference we made would now be 10x greater.

Though they call us rabble, what we implemented was the most sophisticated guerrilla styled insurgency election campaign ever witnessed in this town.

We knew they would use the local media. We knew they would use the police. We knew they would mobilise McMahon and the machinery of the Labour Party against us. We even knew that they would use FRANK ROTHWELL and his flat cap. We knew what the convicted mobster IRISH IMY would do, just as we knew how the Cartels would respond. And we knew what to do when they did. We were the difference that took out the leader of Oldham Council and helped defeat Labour Party politicians from across other wards in the borough.

Labour would have lost 9 seats instead of just 6 if Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth had worked for the betterment of our town instead of fuelling their already overinflated egos. But even here we have used their actions to our advantage. Not only is PAUL ERROCK and DEBBIE COLE's, TOMMY ROBINSON supporting party now finished, their actions have shown people what happens when the vote is split. Fewer people will make the same mistake of supporting such irrelevant independents next year in the all outs.

Write us off as racists and far right activists all you want to. We know what we are. We know what we just achieved. We pulled off an election campaign of the kind that has never been seen before. This is our town. And we are taking it back.

Finally, a message to the mobsters, malicious bloggers, the Oldham Times, Labour Party politicians and their strategists, corrupt council officers and criminal Greater Manchester Police officers involved in #operationhexagon that have tried to unlawfully interfere with democracy. History will judge you. It will judge each and every one of you. Equally, history will also judge the fake liberal metropolitan elite in the mainstream media, who as I write this are polishing off their articles for their readers in the South Manchester suburbs of Chorlton and Didsbury to read alongside their Sunday morning oat milk lattes. Call us racists. Call us rabble. Call us whatever you want to. But know this. With five down and five to go, just watch what we do at the all out elections in Oldham next year.

Raja Miah MBE

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.