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Recusant Nine Transmissions

Recusant Nine Transmissions

With racism weaponised and the working classes betrayed, a network of corrupt politicians now control vast territories across the country. Supported by their associates in the mainstream media and aided by criminal Asian Cartels, these politicians rule in a manner identical to despots from children's storybooks.

With democracy on the verge of collapse, and their tyrannical rule all but absolute, even the grooming and gang rape of the nation's children is sanctioned. Yet despite their power, a handful few still refuse to fear them. They name themselves Recusants.

Using skills honed from a career advising government and working in counter-extremism, Raja Miah MBE, uses the Recusant Nine platform to evidence and articulate historical injustices endured by working-class communities. Using his unique set of skills, he exposes how these communities are being exploited by a fake liberal metropolitan elite, who in partnership with corrupt politicians and Asian criminal Cartels, have taken control of towns and cities.

As a consequence of his explosive revelations, senior figures in the Labour Party have mobilised every resource available in an attempt to silence him. Their actions have included expulsion from the Party, botched attempts to have him arrested and even the endorsement of his murder. Despite this abuse of power, and repeated threats on his life by gangsters affiliated with senior MPs, Raja broadcasts a weekly Sunday night transmission to those brave enough to oppose the tyrants.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them