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Oldham Council Meeting Live Analysis | 1800hrs | Wednesday 08:09:2021

Oldham Council Meeting Live Analysis | 1800hrs | Wednesday 08:09:2021

Following popular request, this private transmission provides live commentary of Oldham Council's meetings. As well as broadcasting the live transmission, and sharing analysis of what is really going on, this will be a safe space for people to ask questions and share their opinions with each other.

Though JIM McMAHON & AROOJ SHAH's Labour Party mobilise their forces and naive townsfolk gullible to their charms fall victim to the forked tongues of both the MILL and TORTOISE MEDIA, the Recusant Nine platform continues to transmit and our numbers grow.

Finding solace from the sacrifices of working class Chartists of 200 years past, those that remain loyal to the town know that we find ourselves in a war against tyrants.

It is from the history of our people we draw our strength. We have been here before. We know who our enemies are and why they seek to oppress us. Two centuries may have passed, but the struggle is the same one. Just as before, knowledge is power.

'Defiance is our only remedy. We will try, step by step, the power of right against might, and we will begin by protecting and upholding this grand bulwark of all our rights, this key to all our liberties, the freedom of the press...'

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them.

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