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In the Face of Tyranny

In Oldham, not only do our elected leaders openly celebrate their relationships with the most dangerous criminals, our Council Officers have been exposed for their roles in rigging elections whilst the police and press have been shamed for covering up child abuse and corruption.
In the Face of Tyranny

Oldham is not alone. In towns and cities across our country, the Labour Party has betrayed working class communities like ours. Abandoned, in exchange for an easier to secure block Muslim vote, injustices against White Working Class communities are ignored in case relationships with their new power base is risked. Dare we voice concerns, even when these concerns are raised by an Asian & Muslim man like myself, we are immediately demonised as racists or far right activists and branded extremists. And should we refuse to remain silent for crimes against our people, defying them and daring continue challenging their tyranny, the mainstream press and even the police are mobilised to intimidate, censor and silence us.

From the cover up of child sex offender politicians to grooming gangs, the secret funding of mosques and corruption in the Council, together, through the Recusant Nine platform, we have brought to public attention wrong doings that have changed our town forever. No matter what happens next, there is no going back now. We have exposed them for what they really are. We have exposed them for who they really are.

Mates with Mobsters
Raise awareness and share information with the people of Oldham news politicians and council officers want to keep hidden from them

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