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Don't Be Alarmed. This is Just Oldham Council's Version of Animal Farm

Don't Be Alarmed. This is Just Oldham Council's Version of Animal Farm

AMANDA CHADDERTON, the new leader of Oldham Council has already been disgraced. At her very first meeting in charge, tucked away as the last agenda item (a well used tactic by Oldham Labour to hide controversial agenda items), was a motion where AMANDA CHADDERTON helped award herself and all the other councillors a pay rise. If anyone doubted her Council's intention to hide this information from the majority of the town they need only look at the 'as it happened' running commentary provided by IMOGEN CLYDE SMITH at the Council funded propaganda arm The Oldham Times.

As it happened: Oldham Council’s annual meeting as new leader is appointed
Updates from the Oldham Council’s annual meeting.

Not only is there no mention of this pay rise from the not so local reporter from this paedophile protecting rag, there is also no reference to the pay rise in any of the subsequent newspaper articles published. Instead, even the BBC make much of AMANDA CHADDERTON's sexuality accompanied with gobbledegook jargon about her priorities as Oldham Council's next new leader.

Oldham’s first openly gay council leader ‘honoured’ by role
Amanda Chadderton says “diversity matters” as she outlines her priorities for Oldham.

The simple truth is, as with much shared via the Recusant Nine platform over the last 3 years, the vast majority of the townsfolk would have remained none the wiser at the hypocrisy of AMANDA CHADDERTON and her colleagues screaming injustice towards national government, at the cost of living rise, whilst increasing Council Tax year on year by the maximum amount possible through which we fund their regular pay rises.

Unfortunately for AMANDA CHADDERTON, once the pay rise had been exposed, the situation quickly deteriorated as thousands of townsfolk became aware of what she had voted through at her first meeting in charge of the town.

A self declared admirer of TONY BLAIR, considered a war criminal by many people from across all political persuasions, AMANDA CHADDERTON's commitment to the champagne socialist branch of the Labour Party should not come as a surprise. But what was surprising, was the manner in how she then reacted.

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