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Deputy Leader of Oldham Conservatives Suspended

Deputy Leader of Oldham Conservatives Suspended

Hollinwood Conservative councillors KAMRAN GHAFOOR, MUHAMMAD IRFAN & ABDUL WAHID have all been suspended by the Conservative Party. Their suspension appears to follow all 3 councillors attending the pro Palestinian protests in Oldham followed by the march on Armistice Day in London.

My understanding is that details of the complaint against all three, which was reviewed by Conservative HQ in London, included involvement in 'antisemitic' chanting. Personally, I'm sceptical of the allegation that any of these 3 councillors took part in antisemitic chanting. However, what is not in doubt is that they ignored instructions and attended the protests. Cllr GHAFOOR, at the time Deputy Leader of the Conservatives on Oldham Council, was also seen with a Palestinian flag wrapped around his wrist at last month's council meeting. Cllr ABDUL WAHID also made his position very clear via social media. Unlike AROOJ SHAH and her under fire Labour Party Muslim colleagues, the 3 Conservative Muslim councillors have been very clear on their position from the outset of the conflict.

All three councillors were elected in Hollinwood at May's all out elections. Boundary changes within the ward increased the Muslim voter numbers without whose support the three Pakistani councillors would not have been elected in what was previously a White Labour Party stronghold.

Almost immediately, they set about attempting to deliver on behalf of the community that elected them. One of their first motions was a failed attempt to secure land for a Muslim cemetery following AROOJ SHAH and the Labour team voting against both a Muslim cemetery and also refusing to support designated Muslim burial space across all the Council run graveyards. In typical Labour Party style, AROOJ SHAH and her team appeared to suggest it would be racist for Muslims to have their own burial spaces even though other religions are offered the same in Oldham.

Muslim cemetery branded ‘divisive’ and ‘scaremongering’ as plans voted down
The plans have been voted down

Undeterred, all 3 councillors have continued to represent the core vote that got them elected. Regardless of the outcome of their suspensions, as demonstrated by this Facebook post, all three have now only strengthened their position amongst their voter base and have become heroes amongst the wider Muslim community in Oldham.

Following news of their suspension, Cllr WAHID shared this defiant post on his social media account.

With no sign of a backdown from any of the 3 councillors, who have all openly defied their party position, the question now is whether all 3 will sit as Independent councillors, and with the support of AFTAB HUSSAIN from St Mary's, form their own Independent Muslim group of 4. Such a move would immediately remove the Failsworth Independents and Cllr HINCE's Bogus Independents from their positions of power.

Whatever they choose to do, the suspension of the Hollinwood 3 has had a devastating impact on the Conservative group in Oldham Council. Reduced to just 8 councillors, GRAHAM SHELDON no longer finds himself leading the official opposition. I will share more on Sunday evening's transmission on who I believe is responsible for the complaint that led to their suspensions.

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