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Demonising the Dispossessed

Demonising the Dispossessed

Recusant Nine Transmission | 2109hrs | Sunday | 26:09:2021

From fabricating fears of a town infested by the Far Right to hanging off the arm of mobsters and drinking mocktails with the Muslim Militia in a business mired in scandal, in Oldham, AROOJ SHAH's Labour Party is a disgrace.

Led by the samosa nibbling MP, JIM McMAHON, whose mother, at least, is a convert to Islam, this team of politicians have not just abandoned the White Working Class in exchange for a Cartel controlled block Muslim vote, they actively seek to destroy them. And once you accept this perspective, you too will understand why so many politicians and Council policy makers looked the other way, or in some cases, actively covered up, the grooming and gang rape of children in town's that share similar demographics as Oldham.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them

Raja Miah MBE

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