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Conservative Councillor Ghafoor, HMOs and another Members' Declaration Woe

Conservative Councillor Ghafoor, HMOs and another Members' Declaration Woe

At Oldham Council’s planning committee on 19th July 2023 a proposal was put forward for an 18 bedroom HMO on Ronald Street. The original plans had been to squeeze in 23 bedrooms. This was then revised down to 18.

The application drew 52 comments. Nearly all objected to the proposal. Many of the objections will be familiar to those who've found themselves unfortunately living in the vicinity of one of the many HMOs that Oldham Council approve.

Whilst the Councillors spent time in the meeting talking the usual nonsense, in a pattern now familiar with other people from across the town, they ignored the objections and approved the application. Twelve members of the committee attended the meeting. Six voted in favour, Five voted against and 1 abstained.

  • Cllrs Shoab Akhtar, Max Woodvine, Garth Harkness, Hazel Gloster, Ruji Sapna Surjan and Nyla Ibrahim all voted in favour.
  • Cllrs Luke Lancaster, Nadeem Iqbal, Peter Davis, Paul Fryer and Josh Carters all voted against.
  • Cllr Brian Hobin, who could have stopped the planning approval, abstained. You’ll have to ask him why.

My issue really isn’t with an of what can be found in the Council funded Oldham Times. My issue isn’t even with yet another HMO being approved in a ‘deprived, cramped and over-developed area’ as described by Cllr Birch. My issue is with the application itself.

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