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Caught in the Act: FIP's Scandal Exposed & Burnham Gets a Bloody Nose

Caught in the Act: FIP's Scandal Exposed & Burnham Gets a Bloody Nose

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Throughout history, there have been instances where opposition has been controlled. The methods used often involved actions that violated human rights, democratic principles, and ethical standards. In Oldham we have experienced them all. Here are some examples. We will go through them all.

Authoritarian Regime: The Labour Party controlled Oldham Council has employed tactics such as censorship, propaganda, surveillance, and repression to control the townsfolk.

Suppression of Dissent: Those allied with senior Oldham politicians have used force to suppress opposition voices. Where GMP has resorted in using unlawful imprisonment and involvement in torture, the gangsters aligned with the Labour Party have even incited the killing of political opponents.

Co-option and Manipulation: Council leaders have sought to control opposition by co-opting or manipulating their leaders. This has involved offering incentives, co-opting opposition members into the ruling party, or creating controlled opposition groups.

Legal and Legislative Measures: The Council has implemented laws and regulations to restrict opposition activities, limit freedom of speech, assembly, or association, and undermine the effectiveness of opposition groups.

Most of us thought these tactics were consigned to the history books or now used in far away places. If only that was the case.

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Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

Raja Miah MBE
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Oldham West & Royton

For the last 5 years, I have exposed Council corruption and the cover up of the grooming and gang rape of children in Oldham. If you find what I share of value, please support my work by buying a coffee, contributing via PayPal or subscribing to the website.