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Burnham's Smoke and McMahon's Mirrors

Burnham's Smoke and McMahon's Mirrors

Exposing the Labour Party Cover Up of the Cover Up of the Gang Rape of Working Class White Girls in Oldham


The BBC drama "Three Girls" shed light on the shocking stories of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale, triggering a nationwide outcry. Surprisingly, instead of demanding a public inquiry from the government, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham initiated an Assurance Review. Given Burnham's involvement in the Hillsborough justice campaign, it is evident that he understood the limitations of such a review. So, why did he choose this path?

Revealing the Flaws:

The subsequent Assurance Reviews exposed significant flaws in the process. Aided by the efforts of Andy Burnham's team to manipulate and deflect attention, no individual was held accountable. Even in Manchester, the team of so-called "expert" investigators failed to identify the person(s) responsible for closing down an investigation into 97 confirmed child sex abusers.

The second review in Oldham was even worse, with repeated claims denying a cover-up, while the report clearly revealed multiple instances of cover-ups. Shockingly, despite Sean Fielding's now infamous claim of 'bare faced lies', children were groomed and gang-raped in Oldham. Greater Manchester Police knew. Jim McMahon and his Council knew. Even the BBC and local media knew. All conspired with each other and kept it hidden from parents. McMahon's team at Oldham Council went as far as suppressing the news. Burnham's team were even forced to acknowledge that senior Oldham Council officers sought to exclude survivors from giving testimony, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

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