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As the Conservatives court the Cartels, the people of Oldham prepare for a new version of hell

As the Conservatives court the Cartels, the people of Oldham prepare for a new version of hell

Recusant Nine Transmission | 2100hrs | Sunday | 14:08:22

With my trial set for 9am on Wednesday morning, this will be the last Sunday night transmission until September. I've scheduled it free to air.

The last time the Oldham Conservatives got in bed with the Cartels was in Medlock Vale when they supported SAHA ABID. A proxy for the Pakistani Cartel, who were angry at McMAHON for failing to support the open selection of Labour Party candidates for the local elections, the Cartel flexed their muscles and put up one of their own as a Conservative candidate. SAHA ABID, who only weeks earlier was a Labour Party member, was welcomed with open arms by the Oldham Tories who were happy to entertain Cartel politics as long as it suited their agenda. Sound familiar?

After winning the election, and McMAHON's Cartel controlled block vote in Medlock Vale at risk, the samosa nibbler quickly changed his mind and the existing Labour Party councillor, YASMIN TOOR, was deselected by SAHA ABID's uncle! ABID then resigned as a Conservative councillor, causing maximum damage, just weeks before the election.

In the election that followed, the Cartel once again took back control of Medlock Vale from their Coppice stronghold.It seems the Oldham Tories haven't learned their lesson from last time and are now once again trying to play the Cartels at their own game, this time in Royton. The consequences here will likely be devastating beyond Royton.

Now where is that Tory letter asking the government for a public inquiry into the cover up of the Rape Gangs? Or, is it as I suspect, something else that is negotiable in exchange for a sackful of Royton Muslim postal votes? Oh, did I not mention that...

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.


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