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Another Shameful Day For Shah

Another Shameful Day For Shah

Despite the Facebook post issued by Oldham Council suggesting AROOJ SHAH's support to fight antisemitism, the leader of Oldham Council failed to attend this morning’s Holocaust Memorial event at Royton & Crompton school. Her Deputy SHAID MUSHTAQ also arrived late.

The event rotates from school to school across the borough and is widely regarded as a key event in Oldham schools calendar in fighting discrimination and educating against hate. Neither SHAH nor her Council have issued a statement as to why the leader of Oldham Council failed to attend or what sort of message her no show sends to children at a time when war is waging in Gaza.

Though the event was held in Royton, and the Conservative & Lib Dem councillors both attended and arrived on time, as well as SHAH failing to attend, there was also a no show from Royton Independent MAGGIE HURLEY or Shaw councillor MARC HINCE. This is despite Royton & Crompton being the local ward secondary school for both Independent councillors.

Cllr HINCE, a previous member of the Labour Party, has also issued a statement issued on Facebook that he would not be attending the memorial event scheduled in Shaw over the weekend. It is not known whether Cllr HURLEY had prior engagements taking close up pictures of potholes or was just too busy with her big team.

Much more analysis of the ramifications of the big team no show and AROOJ SHAH’’s ongoing embarrassment as ANDY BURNHAM’s equality lead on Sunday night’s broadcast. Take value in my work? Sign up now and support the fight against AROOJ SHAH and her Labour Party. Subscription is just 75p a week.

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them.

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