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A Good Day to Bury Bad News

A Good Day to Bury Bad News

Recusant Nine Transmission | 2100hrs | 07:01:2024

At 11.12am on New Year’s Day, Greater Manchester Police published a press release on their webpage. At a time when many people were just about rising from their New Year’s Eve celebrations, GMP shared the following;

On Sunday 31 December 2023, serving GMP officer PC Dean Dempster (20/02/1989), who was posted to GMP's Oldham district, was charged with sexual assault on a child under 13 and misconduct in a public office, following an investigation by GMP. He has been remanded into custody and will attend Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on Monday 1 January 2024. The officer has been suspended from duty and misconduct proceedings will resume upon the conclusion of criminal proceedings.

This press release was subsequently shared by the local media with minimal exposure and zero analysis. Not that the minimal reporting on a police officer just being charged for a sexual assault on a child aged under 13 should surprise anyone, especially when previously GMP, the Oldham Times, Manchester Evening News and Oldham Council had all failed to report on the actual conviction of Oldham Cllr Rod Blyth for child sexual offences.

In a town where the Labour Party and their partners at GMP are neck deep in the cover up of the gang rape of children, it should come as no surprise to read that a police officer charged with sexual assault against a child under 13 yrs of age has received such little coverage. The chances are that the majority of Oldhamers remain completely unaware of what has taken place or just what it means to the people of the town. Particularly as Oldham’s Independent councillors, all elected on a CSE ticket, are now silent.

When the people of Oldham elected Independent politicians, they did so for one reason more than any other, it was to force a Public Inquiry into the cover up of the gang rape of the town’s children. Since elected, their sudden silence and diversion to prioritise fly tipping and self promotion of their so called charity work is a damning indictment of who these people really are. From the beginning, I have been clear, that GMP Oldham Central should be investigated independently through a Public Inquiry in their role in not just failing our town’s children but also their role in the cover up and abuse of power afterwards.

A full analysis of the GMP press release, a live Q&A and what this means for concerned parents will be available on Sunday evening’s transmission. Link to this evening's broadcast will go out to subscribers at 8pm. Subscription is from just £3 per month.